I will never forget this first time I read this scene from Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America”

It was too late for me in one respect. I had already been to New York once, and I would not return until now. It is summer here, and I can guarantee you that waters are flowing from the Bethesda Fountain. When you walk up to it, there is a sort of magic to it. I am glad that I learned the story of Bethesda from “Angels in America” which is a play (or series) that is close to my heart. It made this place, which would have been special to me anyway, really have a lot of meaning. People are drawn here, and I think it has to be for more reasons than the incredible beauty that the Bethesda fountain has. There is an energy, calm and friendly, that seems to flow out from the fountain and touch all of the people near it. I don’t know if this is my “favorite place” in the city, because I haven’t explored enough to say that. However, it sets the standard high.


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