No longer bugged

Central Park Lake

So yesterday was my first “Sunday in the Park” with my boyfriend. He bought his Sunday New York Times, and I grabbed the book I’m currently reading (“The Host” by Stephenie Meyer).  We packed a blanket and some snacks and made our way up a few blocks to the park. We sat by the lovely lake in Central Park which had couples (Gay & Straight) rowing each other around in the boats. I had chosen a place in the sun on a big flat piece of rock, because I knew it would be less buggy than the grass. I remember passing all of these assumed “suckers” who must be being eaten alive by bugs. I was just amazed how no one seemed to mind, but I had seen people in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas do the same thing.

We read for hours, with our snacks just laying out like a buffet for animals, and NOTHING HAPPENED! I figured we’d at least have mosquitoes to deal with since we were by the lake. To my great surprise nothing of the sort happened.

Apparently the bugs which made me hate the outdoors in my childhood are not a problem here in the northeast. I plan to spend more time outdoors. Once fall sets in and oncoming of the “horrible” winter comes. I’ll make my boyfriend walk hand in hand with me. So many couples do that here, straight and gay. In the south we all have that desire, but we rarely have the option. It’s hard enough to keep cold in June in Arkansas alone, with someone else hanging on you. You run a great risk of heat stroke.


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  1. Amanda said,

    June 3, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    Don’t you worry, baby. Those “horrible” winters in New York aren’t all that horrible. It’s just an Island winter. You’ll have to travel up into the foothills or into the moutains (upstate or Northern New England) to experience the true unpleasantness the region can offer. The worst you’ll get is slush and cold wind.

    The bugs are in direct ratio to the amount of rain and standing water (where they breed) there is around. It’s not nearly as bad as here, but it’s not without it’s own pest problems. Hope you continue to enjoy the mild summer, don’t sweat the A/C window unit!

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