So, my first time to go get my morning Triple, Grande, Non-fat, latte and I notice some differences right off. For one, starbucks are very different in NYC as far as space is concerned. I’ve never seen so many different styles of starbucks in my life, there are small 6 person locations and others which coulse house almost 40. I went into a 12-15 person starbucks, and ordered.  The cashier was nice enough, though certainly lacking southern charm. I was shocked to find how slow they were. I figured they would be as fast if not faster than the ones in the south, but alas they are slower. Perhaps it is because I came in at 10:00 a.m. and not in peak morning business rush hours. After that something I witnessed another colorful new york moment. One of the employees was trying to get this guy to leave their bathroom, and was unable to do so discretely. The man who was either drunk, homeless, crazy, or any combination of those, refused to leave. The employee didn’t really know what to do, so she said she would call the police, he told her to do so, and then another employee tried to diffuse the situation by telling the other employee to just go back behind the counter and continue to work. Then the crazed man started referring to her as a dog (not a bitch, but a dog), and began barking at her. As he got louder all she would say was “thank you! Have a nice day.” and they went back and forth for a few minutes. FINALLY the man left, and the line began to proceed.

This scene was entertaining to me, but as I looked around to view how others were handling the situation, I noticed most were not even looking up from the paper. It was as if this stuff happened all the time. Well…it is certianly my first ranting INSIDE a starbucks moment.


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