Cash (North) vs Credit (South)

So since I got out on my own my mother has told me to make sure that I “carry cash” because sometimes “there are places that just don’t take credit cards.” I must admit I NEVER paid any attention to this warning, because everywhere in the South that I lived (Little Rock, Memphis, and Houston) took credit cards. In fact just about everything took credit cards with the exception of vending machines. I lived in a cashless existence, and it was very easy.

Now that I live in New York, there are entire guide books dedicated to the places which are “cash only.” I’ve visited an ATM more in the past month than I did all last year. There are also a bunch of places that only accept certain cards. Most Italian restaurants only take American Express, which neither me nor my boyfriend have. We have had to leave one of us at the table while the other one runs to an ATM just to pay for dinner a few times. It is strange.

I find it strange that the North is supposed to be “ahead” of the South, and yet the South seems to have made cash a relic.

Does anyone know why this is?


1 Comment

  1. Amy said,

    June 25, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    That is very mysterious. Especially places only taking American Express. Usually we have trouble using ours because AmEx charges business higher fees. I never carry cash!

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