Audition Lesson #1

Well I auditioned for the show last night, and have not heard anything. I assume this means they are going with one of the other actors.

Auditioning has not really changed much. Most of the actors are tall, gorgeous, and have a range that is out of this world. I am short, cute, and have about a 3 octave range. I’m generally outclassed by proffesionals.

However, I do like to audition, and I do get hired. So I think it is important to catalogue any additional “New York” audition lessons I learn.

Lesson #1:

Just because they say your singing acapella doesn’t mean you won’t be asked to sing with a piano. This means you need to warm up for any potentially difficult accompanied songs as well as whatever you are going to sing acapella. I walked into this audition, and saw the pianist. They said they decided I should sing with accompaniement. I had about a minute to find something in my satchel that I could pull off. I sang “Bring on the Men” but failed at my attempt to do the cool vocal display that the end I do. This made me feel a little bad about my audition. So I will certainly prepare better next time.


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