Lawyer Boy

So yesterday I was apartment hunting in Hoboken, but I had to wait for a few hours before my appointment. I decided to go to the most relaxing place I’ve found in the northeast so far. It is called “The Frozen Monkey” and it is quite possibly one of the best coffee shops I’ve ever been to. The drinks and food are wonderful and reasonably priced. The wait staff seems to expect you to stay a minimum of 2 hours journaling, reading, or being creative in some other way. In short, it is my kind of place. So while I nursed a large skim Chai latte and nibbled a $2.00 brownie I read “Lawyer Boy” by Rick Lax. I was amazed that I read over 150 pages in one burst, but the book is just that addictive. It tells the story of Rick Lax who is a magician, law student, and blogger. I know that makes him sound fictional, but he is not. In fact you can check out his blog at he is apparently about to take the Bar. Rick is a wonderfully talented writer, he is able to make his law school experience, which is very typical, not only interesting but hilarious. I would certainly suggest that people read it PRIOR to going to law school because it has a lot of tips for first year students, and I agree with 90% of them.

One thing about Mr. Lax experience that I was particularly interested in was something I completely avoided. Dating. I matriculated into law school with my boyfriend/partner/fiancé and he knew what we were getting into. He knew I’d be stressed, less available, and most likely stressed out. He took it like a pro, and was one of the few things that kept me from going bonkers my first year. Mr. Lax did not have this benefit, and I told my boyfriend last night how much I appreciated it. I also told him that, much like Mr. Lax, I was probably one of the more perky law students in the world. I didn’t come back from my first semester with a death wish, nor did I treat law school like it was the worst experience in the world. I had aspects of my first year of law school that I absolutely hated (my legal writing class), but there were things I truly loved (Property in general, Civil Procedure lectures, and constantly being smart in Contracts) so I enjoyed law school more than I hated it. I am not saying law school is easy, but I am saying it was less awful for me than it seemed to be for other people. Anyway, it seems like dating in law school is just another thing to add stress to what is already a stressful situation.

Reading Lawyer Boy did do one thing I wish it hadn’t. It made me feel like I should be working already on my second semester. Reading about studying cases (by the way the way he briefs/explains cases is wonderfully hilarious) makes me think “If I had the books now….I could get at least 2 weeks ahead!” This I realize is only PARTIALLY nuts, as I am sure I will be expected to have read close to 50 pages per class on the first day (August 25th) That being said…anyone can START wishing me luck, sleep, confidence, anything good, on my 2nd year of law school any time.


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