Gypsy 83

So today I decided to watch “Gypsy 83” which I heard about on Logo a long time ago. I really enjoyed the movie, I felt it really did explored the relationship between a gay kid and his “fag hag.” Although this exploration was rather subtle given the plot, focus on Gyspsy (the fag hag), and both of them being goth as well.

It reminded me of a day when my friend Sara and I saw some goth kids at the mall, and we talked about how we both went through a sort of gothic phase. We were not as hardcore as the people we saw, and she said something like “I think it’s kind of amazing. I mean it is like they borrow a personality, because they don’t have one yet.” we talked about how kids like us “grow a personality” while others prefer the superficial ones they create. One of the things I enjoyed about this conversation was that there was no judgment in it. We didn’t think we were better in any way by having developed our personality and left the “template” ones behind.

This is the section of the movie I enjoyed the most:


I enjoy this because of two things:

1. The gay kid (Clive) describes how he is more into romance than sex. I remember being like this, and it was interesting to hear his fantasy. Mine was very similiar. It wasn’t gothic. I wanted a man to take me to some beautiful Greek Island, where we could smell the salt from the ocean in our room. There were a hundred white candles burning and we made love with the ebbing tide as a soundtrack. Did this happen? No. I had my first time in a small study, which was being used as a DJ workshop. It was in Arkansas and on the floor. However, despite not being my “fantasy” it was a wonderful experience. The guy who takes Clive’s virginity in the movie reminded me of my first lover, in that shortly after he did something so awful he went from a single beautiful moment to something I could easily hate.

2. The 2nd part of this clip has Karen Black singing “When Sunny Gets Blue” which is lovely.


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