Chasing the Dragon

5 minutes

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself, as I stared at the boy’s ass in front of me. The fine contours of his Greco-Roman physique were highlighted by the designer denim he wore, and what was the symbol on the back of pocket? A dragon, emblazoned at the exact center of each of his cheeks. The thought “chasing the dragon” was never more humorous in my mind, for pursue him I did.

I had first laid my eyes on him as he waited for the elevator. The idea seemed ludicrous that I, who am in excellent shape, would take the stairs, but that he, whose easy way up. I assume he must have a friend who lives in my building, but who I have never found out. I’m too proud to stalk him while we are in the building, but that is not to say I’ve never followed him. On the off occasion he was leaving, and I was either on my way out or seeing him on my way in, I would try to resist the urge. Who was he? Where did he go when I wasn’t ogling him from a far. These questions burned within me, as I lay in my tiny New York apartment at night.

I had never stalked anyone before, but I’d been stalked. Nothing serious, just a poor kid who thought a one night stand was the beginning of a beautiful life together. Still, I learned from his mistakes. I would follow, but never too close. It’s New York, Do Not Walk signs can hold your prey in their tracks while you examine what pathetic paperbacks have made it to the street bums table, or how much pears are at the neighborhood 24 hour grocery. I never worried about losing him, I could pick his arse out of thousands, and I can say this, because I have.

He enjoyed crowded places, but never seemed to take much notice of people around him. He often ran into people, and seemed to be in constant danger of colliding with others. He also, lacked taste, he would visit chain restaurants, which I had sworn off entering the day I moved to New York. Who comes to New York and eats at Applebee’s? Really?


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