I did not finish this, but it is a nice start.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

The words fell from his lips in an awkward way, but his smile made a quick recovery. I knew how he meant for it to sound, one of those deep delicious sound bytes that he so often spoke in the middle of the night, but his bedside manner seemed to have adjust to the light. He stood in the doorway, framed like art, with his right hand on his hip and waited for me to approach.

“I’m surprised you beat me here.” I said. At night I would have won, I knew the woods better by night than I did by day. The daylight exposed everything I had never known to ignore, and I’d been turned around so many times I was relieved that seeing his face meant I was no longer lost.

We had made it. To our place, a small cabin which lay unused and unwanted in the winter. It was our own special hideaway. It was nice to be here during the day, to use the place more as a home than a haven, and yet all I could do was want to crawl into our little bed and make love.

I wound my arms around him, and kissed his shoulder. He tasted salty but clean.


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