3rd Installment

Part 1: https://kyoske.wordpress.com/2008/10/08/cool-down/

Part 2: https://kyoske.wordpress.com/2008/10/18/a-continuation-from-a-previous-piece/


Part 3

I didn’t get much sleep during the day. I was too nervous about what would happen that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way I had acted, rolling the words I said over in my head again and again. I couldn’t make sense of it, what was it that maybe think it was this kid, this Jared, that had made me work so hard? I thought about it until finally my brain was so tired it simply gave up and finally allowed me to sleep.

I woke up around sunset, and, after a quick shower and a bite to eat, made my way to the studio with a thermos of coffee. The studio would be full now, full of the people I was too nervous to work around, but I needed to see my piece. I needed to see the progress again, I needed to know last night was not a dream.

I knew the studio was full before I entered, I could hear the faint lull of conversation over some students studio mix. I took a breath as I gripped the large steel handle, and entered.

“Parker?” I don’t think I’d ever heard any of the students say my name before, but no sooner had I looked around to see who said my name, that I noticed two students were approaching my piece.

“Umm…yeah?” I answered as if I was guilty, but not sure what for.

“Did you do this?” a student named Matt asked, pointing to my piece, Matt was another sculptor, but he preferred to cast things in bronze. He did good work.

“Yeah. It’s the piece I’ve been working on this month.” Although I did more work last night than I had in the 3 weeks prior.

“It’s really….different from your other stuff.” Matt continued.

“Yeah, I thought you only did geometric shapes.” Felicia, another student, said. She was right. I hadn’t made anything other than a bunch of shapes since I started. It was what I could make in a day, after I chucked whatever project I had been working on.

“Well…normally I do, but it wasn’t exactly helping me pass this semester. Professor Brofson didn’t seem to get it.” Or maybe he got that I was bull-shitting

“Heh, yeah. He doesn’t get me either.” Matt said.

“What do you mean? He is always so nice to you during evaluations.” I thought Matt was the “Golden Boy” of the class.

“Yeah, he likes what I do, but he misinterprets them. I figure since he is giving the grades, it is better to just agree. My last piece was supposed to be a comment on the aggressive consumer mentality, but he thought my use of melted pennies was a political statement on economic decline.” Matt said as he failed in his attempt to sound as unpretentious as possible.

“I see, well I better get to work.” Matt might have been nice, but he was still annoying.

“Can’t wait to see what you do.” He said touching my shoulder and then making an exit with Felicia on his arm.

I was happy they were leaving. Even though, I will admit, it was kind of nice, but slightly alarming, they wanted to talk to me. Although I had always told myself that my art was really all that mattered, and I didn’t need their validation. I always wanted it, and it was strange to have had a taste of it. The studio was quiet, and I stood there staring at my piece. It was creepy to see the face from my dreams with my eyes open. It was like being stuck in the second before you wake up from a nightmare, and I gave a slight shudder.

Tonight was about completing the project. I needed to make clothes, the hat, and finish the eyes. I got the plaster ready, and waited. The last lights of the other campus buildings turned off. Sitting on my little stool I could hear students from the open window discussing their evening plans, and I just closed my eyes. I needed to remember every detail of my dream, I needed to try and bring the vision I had always wanted to block from my mind, back from the dark recesses of my memory where it lurked.

“You son of a bitch.” I could hear the pig say with my fathers low southern drawl. His face came into view, and immediately I felt my knuckles tense as I balled my hands into fists. I could see him now, swollen and frightening, with the my pig family vaguely obscured in the background. The face became larger in my mind, and as it opened its mouth again I felt something brush against my face, I screamed and fell off the stool onto the ground. The image leaving me as the reality of the studio flooded through my now open eyes.

“Oh! Shit man, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Said Jared as his face came into my view.

“It’s alright. I was just thinking.” I said as I got up rubbing my ass trying to relieve the pain my sudden crash to the floor had caused.

“Or dreaming. I said your name over and over. I was like ‘Hey Parker. Parker!’ but you didn’t make a sound.” I couldn’t tell if I had been lost in thought or really dreaming.

“Oh…sorry. Thanks for coming.” I was relieved he had come. I was ready to get this thing over with. I wanted this hideous beast out of my head, I needed to bring it to this world.

“I brought you some coffee. I figure we will both need it.” He said pouring me a cup from a big thermos.

“Really? Wow…thanks. You didn’t have to.” After all he was already doing me a favor by agreeing to be here.

“I think I probably did. If you need me to be conscious to work or whatever. It’s been a long couple of days.” He said and his face contorted horribly as he attempted to stifle a yawn.

“Well hopefully it will be the last night. I can’t thank you enough.” I said.

“Just remember. I’m getting something out of this too. You remember your part of the bargain.” He said bringing himself closer to me.

“Yeah, but like I said, it is not really that interesting.” I said crossing my arms finding his proximity a bit too close.

“Yeah, it might be more interesting to me than you think.” He said quickly turning around and retreating to small desk.

“Guess we will find out.”

“Well we won’t if you keep talking. I’m just going to write like last time okay?” he said.

“That’s what you’re here for.” And with that I turned back to my piece. I heard the pen scratching the paper as Jared started to write, and no sooner had that noise reached my ears that I found myself back in the abyss from the night before. I stood alone with my pig father, and began working of taking him out of my mind, piece by piece, and placing him into the real world. Soon all that was left was his top hat, a cylinder and circle melded together, and with my expertise in geometric shapes I soon found myself alone in the abyss. My nightmare creation completely gone, and as I reveled in the solace of being alone in this world, I found myself slowly drifting back into the real world.

It was there now, my pig father had somehow made it into reality, and when I closed my eyes for a second I let out a sigh of contentment. That horrible face seemed to vanished from me, and I was glad to be rid of it. This time I opened my eyes to look for Jared, and quickly found him catatonic once more. This didn’t strike me as odd, as it had the first night, I knew what to do.

“Jared. Come back to the world of the living.” I teased.

“Huh….mmmm…what?” he said as his eyes refocused.

“I’m done. You don’t have to stick around any longer.” I said with a genuine smile. I had never been so happy after completing a piece in my life. I felt liberated, I felt like celebrating.

“Oh…that’s great. Wow, so this is it huh?” he said coming close to me again.

“Yeah, that is it. It’s finally done! I can’t thank you enough. It happened again. I don’t know what it was, but the second you started working, I did too. It was so strange.” I didn’t know how long I worked, but I do know that my newfound talent for getting this much work done seemed to be tied to Jared somehow.

“Yeah, it was strange. You walked around this thing in circles so many times I could barely tell you were touching it, and then I’d start writing, and when I would look up something would be completely done. You made that hat in like 20 minutes.” He said.

“Heh, well that isn’t too shocking. The top hat is the only thing similar to my old stuff, but I wish I could have seen what you saw. I wish I knew what I looked like when I worked like this.” I was so curious about it.

“Well…it certainly is strange to watch. If you do it again, you should get a camera or something.” He suggested.

“That’s not a bad plan. If it ever happens again.” I couldn’t imagine it working with anything else. I didn’t have the same relationship to anything like I had with the nightmare beast.

“Why wouldn’t it happen again?” he asked.

“Well…I guess that gets us to my part of the bargain. I think once I explain it, you’ll understand. Do you wanna grab a drink? I feel like we both deserve one.” I needed to get out of the studio. I wanted to be as far away from my piece as I could get.

“I’m not old enough.” Jared said.

“Oh….well I’ve got some stuff at my place. Come on.” I figured someone underage wouldn’t complain about cheap whiskey.

“Alright” he said and we were out the door.

We arrived at my apartment after a quick walk. He was quiet for most of it, I assumed he was probably completely exhausted from staying up for the past 2 days. I made whiskey and cokes, while he flopped onto the couch. I figured he was going to pass out, but the second I came back from the kitchen I could see he was sitting straight up with his eyes wide. I sat down next to him, and handed him a drink.

“I hope it’s not too strong for you. I don’t measure.” I said.

“I’m sure it is fine.” He said taking a big gulp.



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