It has been a busy week. So I’ve not been able to get time to write.

So…I give you something I wrote awhile ago.


When I was twelve my sister Sandy was sixteen. Sandy had spent most of her life torturing me as most older sisters do, but I didn’t really understand it. My sister was the lucky one, she was beautiful, and my parents were scared of her. She had tested so well when she was a kid that she decided to just stop paying attention in class. She never did her homework, but whenever she had a test she always aced it. Anyway, I wasn’t the typical tag-along little sister, and I spent most of my time just trying not to piss her off. Nevertheless I managed to earn constant complaints and scratches from my sister on a weekly basis. I remember I was so happy when she got a car for her sixteenth birthday because it meant she would be home less to torment me, and I might actually be able to bring friends home without having to worry. It was one of those cool 2 door Mitsubishi cars, which she got in this bizarre neon yellow color. My parents were always mad at her for the way she treated me, but I rarely ever told on her. There was one time she babysat when I had a friend over, and she made us go out onto the roof with her. My friend was all for it, but I was scared I’d fall off. Our roof was old and squirrels had been using it’s shingles as a buffet for years. I remember my mom coming home and asking me what we did, and I told her my friend and I played, and then we went onto the roof with Sandy. My sister was grounded for a month, but instead of it being her punishment she took it as an opportunity to exact her revenge. She found my diary, where I’d written about my hatred for my sister and my hopes that this boy I had a crush on would just take me away. She ripped them out, and shoved them through the vents in the boys locker the next day. He wasn’t discrete, and after that I was teased at school. Then my sister came home from school with this story about how I’d attempted to get this boy to kiss me, and now I was in trouble. My parents grounded me, and as punishment for their terrible daughters we were forced to do all sorts of chores, which of course my sister made me do all of. If I had to cook dinner my sister was supposed to clean the dishes, but my sister would always say we switched. I was so mad that I finally decided I wanted revenge, and so I began to plot. The day my sister was getting off her grounding she had a big date with her boyfriend Garrett. Garrett was the kind of guy girls date to piss of their parents, he was tall, tattooed, a drop-out, and rarely spoke. My sister used to always tell the girls in her class about all this the stuff she did with him, about how he pulled her hair when they screwed, that they videotaped their sex, or that once he slapped her around just so they could angrily screw one another. It was so obvious she was lying, but it earned her social points with her burnout crowd. Well, I wasn’t ungrounded that night, but Sandy was. My parents used to make us all eat together at the dinner table, apparently people think it is good for kids because a because they found out all these smart people like Einstein had that when they were young. Part of my chores was to cook dinner, so I decided I’d make my sisters first day out one she couldn’t enjoy. I took some of my mom’s codeine she has in case her cramps are bad, and ground it up into a powder. I made pasta that night, and my sister always uses that parmesan cheese, so I just put the powder over the pasta so it would look like cheese. My sister was in a hurry she wolfed it down, and was out the door before we knew it. She was meeting Garrett, for a celebratory fuck. Well…when she got there she was starting to feel the effect of the codeine, but she and Garrett decided to shoot up on top of it. My sister passed out, and Garrett started slapping her around so she’d wake up. Well…she didn’t, and instead of the ass-hole calling for help, he called his buddies who sold him the heroin and asked him what to do. His friend came over, and he noticed my sister was just passed out. He said she’d probably wake-up in a few hours, but that they should make sure she kept breathing. Eventually the dealer tells Garret to go to the store and buy something to wake my sister up, and that he’ll watch her while he’s gone. Garret left and the dealer decides that he should get a little action for his time. So this junkie screwing my sister, who wakes up in the middle of it, and Garrett freaks out and tells the guy to stop, but he won’t. They got into a fight and Garrett ended up breaking the guys jaw. My sister was still to weak to get out of there from the heroine and codeine, and so she had to spend the night. My parents were so furious when she got home, and she burst into tears and told them everything that happened. My parents never knew I drugged my sister, and I never told anyone. Garrett and the dealer both did jail time. I’ve tried to tell myself it would have happened anyway because of the heroine, but I’m doubting my little trick helped matters. I just keep thinking how stupid I was. My sister was so traumatized that she cleaned up her act, and since then she’s been a lot nicer to me, but I never told her what I did to her.


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