My Obama Post

So as if I needed ANOTHER reason to love Obama. His Campaign people managed to provide one:

The last time I voted, I was working at Wilson and Associates in Arkansas. I can’t believe so much has changed for me in those four years, much of it to the chagrin the current administration, but it has. I went into a small lower school. Children were playing on multi-colored blocks and I ran into a person I knew from highschool. He had volunteered, but gave me the schpeel like I was a stranger. I marked some boxes, read some stuff, and turned it back in. That night I had rehearsal, and as I drove home my mother called to tell me Bush had won again, and that Arkansas had passed the defense against gay marriage initiative. She said it in a way that made me think she was happy about both, and I felt a huge rift between us grow. I went to my apartment and typed into my xanga my frustration, and spoke to you and Ann about it. I didn’t understand how it happened, and I felt all of my faith in the political system vanish. I remember talking about it like a soldier who had been on the field of battle, survived, but lost. Rather than kill himself at the hands of his conqueror, I simply didn’t have the strength to lift my sword.

Today I woke up in Hoboken. My Fiance having already left to vote, and I went shortly after. Again I went to a school for small children, clicked a few buttons, and left. I was shocked there were no “I voted” stickers, but I just felt better having voted.

This election has been a little hard on me emotionally. I love what Obama says, but I wonder if he can deliver. I wonder if anyone could deliver all he promises. I am also sad that despite Obama being such a great speaker, and seemingly a great man, he still cannot support the gay MARRIAGE initiative in this country. He often criticizes the types of laws which did not allow his racially diverse parents to marry, and so for him to not fight for my similiar situation hurts slightly. I am sure that he PERSONALLY would, but he has an election to win, and in a utilitarian way he has to sacrifice this issue for a number of reasons.

I am hoping that tonight, when the announce Obama has won I will kiss my fiance like it is New Years Eve, and the streets of New York will be filled with the cheers of hundreds of thousands of people as we all revel in a moment where the notion of “you can be president” seems to ring true. I know that Obama will make the presidential office be a position that children will aspire to want, and that will make me smile.


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