A night to remember

So…I think I’ll be able to start writing again soon, but I wanted to record last night. It may serve as an inspirational moment for future stories.


I had spent most of the day completely unable to concentrate. Tonight was going to be a night I would remember, and I hope it would mark the night my faith in America was truly restored. To make myself busy I played a few video games, went to class, and cleaned the apartment. I needed to complete small tasks, because anything larger was simply beyond my ability to do.

This was a little strange for me. Why was I so keyed up? I’m barely political, I barely ever know what is going on in the world, but for once I feel like I knew the issues, and I truly felt there was something on the line. I didn’t want to face another 4 years of conservative leadership. I wanted the change Obama promised, and although I still remain skeptical that he can do all he promises, I am happy he has the opportunity and seemingly the support.

I met my fiance in the city, he was dressed in a suit that made him look like he was running for office. He even managed to wear the beautiful red tie his mother bought him/us in Italy. I laughed at the idea of the red tie, worrying people might think he was a Republican, and resolved to kiss him as much as possible to hopefully deter that potential confusion. We entered a bar called  “Professor Thom’s” and saw tons of Obama fans. I had never seen anything like it. I mean I’m from Arkansas, and moved to Texas. This bar was so full we had to stand in a corner near the supplies closet, and we considered ourselves lucky. The room we were in had a huge big screen tv, and a few couches. It had a Chaise as well, but we had to give up that seat to a bunch of blonde girls. Normally I would have thought ‘We were here first. You can’t reserve an entire Chaise for your friends who didn’t bother to show up on time.’ but I there was no way to be mean. Not even to girls who were slightly rude and reminded me of girls who tormented me in highschool. Tongiht was about a new beginning. So we sat huddled in our corner. Our friends joined us, and as I munched down on a turkey burger and fries, and slurped down a nice gin and tonic I watched history unfold.

The start of the election coverage had me in high anticipation. They kept saying things about how it was starting to look more and more like 2004. I was on edge, but thankfully my fiance was there telling me there was nothing to worry about. Once the eastern states started being called it was clear how McCain could not actually get the amount of votes he needed, and yet I couldn’t leave. I wanted them to call Florida before California, but they did not make it on time. Thankfully, Florida redeemed itself by voting for Obama.

Once “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” started to play the entire bar completely lost it. Screams of joy came in waves, and we snuck out. Whereas it was fun to vask in the warm glow of happiness in the bar, my utter joy came in when I hit the streets. Horns blared, random strangers hooted and hollered at us, Union Square was completely overrun by supporters of Obama. The entire city seemed to be expressing my gratitude and relief.

When we got home, we heard Obama speak. I still marvel that the man MEMORIZES those long and poweful speeches. That shows how committed he is, and always leaves me a little bit stunned. I enjoyed his story, and his words. I went to bed that night, with my lovers arm cradling me to him, and as I made my way to dream land I couldn’t help but smile.

It happened, and although we are inheriting a pretty scary situation, I think we have someone who can lead us in the right direction.

Thank you Obama! You deserve to sleep for about a week, but then I expect great things!


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