Sometimes I really do just want to say ‘Fuck You’


So let me first say, I’m glad I read this post, which came to me recommended by TangleThis. I’m glad because I feel less angry after having read it, but let me just state for the record.


It is 2008, we just elected our first black president, we had 2 women involved in the presidential campaign. So to quote Cole Porter “Times have changed!” So why are we taking steps backward?

I have a hard time with this for so many reasons. One main reason is that I am an engaged gay man. Whereas I do not think the ratification of Proposition 8 will effect my impending marriage, it still hurts. It hurts to know that this thing that homosexuals have been fighting for has been taken away. It also hurts to know that there are so many people out there who don’t think homosexuals should get married.

I’ve often asked ‘Why?’ and I’ve gotten some answers, but they never make sense to my little gay head.

—‘Sanctity of Marriage’  – check the divorce rate, and contrast with monogamous homosexual couples.

—‘Religion’ – I thought we checked Religion at the door when it came to politics.

I have hope for this new administration. I do find this probably the deepest cut:

According to exit polls, whites opposed the amendment 53-47. But blacks supported it 70-30, and Latinos supported it 51-49. The polls have blacks at 10 percent of the electorate for this issue, with Latinos at 19 percent and whites at 63 percent. (Asians, at six percent, opposed the proposition 53-47.

It was not that long ago that racially diverse couples were forbidden to marry, and yet those who were subjected to that treatment seem to force it on us? It just hurts. I am sure they have their reasons, their beliefs, etc. I, no matter how much I can try to respect their feelings,  feel I am personally being hurt by this mindset. I want an explanation from these voters, I want them to look me in the eye and tell me what it is about me that makes them feel the way they do.

So sometimes, even on the day where so much should be celebrated, I just want to say “Fuck you!”


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