I think I’ve come along something

I think I’ve found a story I want to see finished. I was writing on it today, and I saw the end of the story, and I loved the journey i could see it would take to get there.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

and now Part 4


“So what was the inspiration?” he asked.

“You are going to laugh. It was a dream I had when I was a kid. I was around 6 or 7 years old, and my entire family was by these rocks which served as barrier for my mom’s garden in the backyard. We were playing some game, I think hide and seek, and finally we all ended up together. I remember the moonlight was shining really bright, it was exaggerated like it was a movie, and there was this moss on the rocks. It was this kind of velvety green moss, and in my dream it shimmered in the moonlight. It looked like that stuff that gets on your hands when you squish a lightning bug.”

“My entire family became crazy when the moonlight hit the moss, and they all scrambled for it, and soon they were covered with it. They were glowing and laughing, and then the ground began to shake. An old wooden door appeared, it looked like it leaded down into a storm cellar, and my parents all started to go down. We went down a bunch of stone stairs, and I remember it was really cold. Finally we came to this big hall, and there were all these portraits on the wall. They looked a lot like the ones in my upstairs, but all the people in them had been replaced by huge pigs. That was when it happened, my entire family started transforming before my eyes, and their clothes were ripping and my sisters screams turned into squeals. I closed my eyes, I was so scared that I would turn into one too, but I didn’t. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t get that moss on me, or because it was my dream, or what, but I remember looking around trying to find a way out, and I saw this picture of these pigs, but I knew that they were my family, and they were all dressed in these really strange clothes. It was like they were from a fairytale, and I heard my dad, who had been able to keep his voice for some reason, and turned around. He stood on his hind legs still, and towered over me. His eyes were this disgusting color of blood and yellow, and as he descended upon me his face got bigger and bigger, and that was when I woke up.

“For years I remember I would go out at night and play. My parents had bought a trampoline for the kids, and it was right by that garden. I would go pretend to jump on it, but I would just wait for the moon to get high in the sky. I wanted to see if the moss could really glow, and if that door was real. As I got older, and I learned more and more that fantasy existed less and less, I stopped looking, but the vision of my dad as a huge pig has always haunted me.”

I couldn’t believe Jared’s face as I told him this story. He sat there in complete silence with his eyes getting wider and wider. I figured it was just because the story was so strange, but as I had gotten done speaking I noticed his breath had accelerated.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, sorry. Do you think you would mind if I turned that into a story of mine?”

“Ummm…well sure. I mean…I don’t know how it ends, but your free to use whatever you want.” I figured it was a much better payment for how he helped me.

“Thanks! Well…I guess I better go.” He said quickly getting up.

“Oh…leaving so soon?” I still wanted to celebrate.

“Did you want me to stick around?” he asked.

“Well…I mean…I guess I just still felt like celebrating.” The truth was: yes, I wanted him to stick around. Jared was the first person at this school that I felt I could talk to. I didn’t have to be impressive, I could just be me.

“I guess I could stick around, but it will cost you.” He flashed an impish smile as he flopped back onto the couch.

“What do you mean?” It is strange, the second I want him to stay he makes demands. When I wanted him to leave, he couldn’t get enough of my company.

“Well…your art seems to really come from something personal. Can I get to know about what inspired your other pieces? Maybe that whole pig dream is only part of the story.” He said, my eyes had to widen in order to keep him in perspective as he narrowed the distance between us.

“Umm…okay. It won’t be as easy as it is with my sculpture though. That one is finished, so you can kind of see where inspiration really helped form the creation. I’ve never managed to finish any of the others.” I said as I pointed to the number of unfinished pieces around the room.

“Where are they?” he asked, scanning the room.

“Heh, well let’s see. Your feet are on one right now. I use that big block as a coffee table, but that’s not what it is supposed to be. If you look near the center you can see where I started. A small shoulder blade is visible.” I said pointing it to him.

“Oh, but it’s barely started. What happened?” he asked running his hands over the small start I had made.

“I told you, I couldn’t finish. It is maddening to see something so clearly in your head, but not be able to form it in reality. My problem is I can’t move onto the next part till I know whatever I started is complete. It has to be perfect.” I said.

“Didn’t look like that the past two nights. You worked on so many things at one time, it was hard to believe they were all going to come together like they did.” He said, and again I was shocked at my total change in process.

“I guess you must give me ADD then.” I said with a smile.

“I guess so. So what was this supposed to be then?” he asked.

“An angel, well, a fallen one.” I said, and as I traced the shoulder blade of my creation I could see what Jared could not. A naked man in the fetal position with broken wings, stray feathers adhering to his sculpted body. His hair matted with blood and sweat, with tears running down what little piece of his face you could see. He was so beautiful, and yet so fragile. I had seen him so many times in my dreams, but I couldn’t bring him into this world. I had fantasies of being like Pygmalion, where I would make a man as perfect as I wanted, and one day, after wishing it so, he would come to life and be the love of my life.

“Why did you want to make that?” he asked, and I hoped my face had not betrayed my silent wish for this block to have been my lover.

“I dreamed about him, many times. I wanted to see him in reality, and not just in my dreams. So I tried to make him, but I couldn’t do him justice.” I said, feeling satisfied I’d answered the question.

“What was he like? You know…in your dreams?” Jared pressed for more.

“He was kind, but sad. He loved humans so much, that he gave up his wings to be one, but he found that being human was harder than it had looked, and after he had his heart broken for the first time, he just wanted to be an angel again. He was so beautiful, and when we spoke I had this strange feeling. I was sad that he wasn’t an angel, but happy he was human. I was happy I could see him, touch him, talk to him. I told him that without being human, humans like me would never know such beauty existed our world, but he never stopped being sad.” I laughed in my head at my description. This was how I described my dream man? It was hard to imagine wanting to be with someone so gloomy even if they were beautiful.

“Do you want him?” Jared asked, with a tender but serious inflection in his voice.

“What do you mean?” I didn’t really know what he was asking.

“Well…we’ve got this thing. With me, you can make these dreams reality. Do you want to make him? Your angel?” Jared asked taking my hand and running it along the smooth piece of stone where my angel’s face would have been.

“Are you serious? I mean…it would be wonderful, but what about you?” I liked the idea of having a project with Jared, but the emotion was so different with this one. I wanted the pig out of my head because I hated it, I wanted the angel in my life because I loved him. It was hard to imagine Jared being there when I sculpted him. What would I do in that trance? Would it even work again?

“Well we can’t work all night like last time, but I write at night anyway. We could just do it in the same place, and who knows, it will probably help me. Angels are fantastic creatures, I bet I could get some good stuff out watching you. I don’t mind writing in the studio, if you don’t mind me watching you when your all hypnotized. I’d say that’s a pretty fair trade wouldn’t you?” He said with a big grin.

“What is it with you and fair trades? You know friends often do things for one another for nothing.” I wanted Jared to do this because we were friends, not because we were business partners.

“Your right, but you didn’t take my offer to do it for free.” He said.

“When did you offer that?”

“Before you asked if I was okay with it. If you hadn’t asked, I’d probably have just agreed to pull all nighters with you till this one was done too.” He was right.

“Well…as your friend I didn’t want you to suffer for my sake. What kind of friend would I be if I did that?” I guess his first offer was proving he was my friend, and my concern proved I was his.

“True, so let’s drink to this new project! May the plaster bring forth your angel, and cement our new found bond.” He said raising his glass.

“Rather poetic for a toast, but I can certainly drink to that.” I said as we clinked glasses.

“I’m a writer, I’m allowed to talk like that.” He said gulping down the last of his drink.

“I guess we better get some sleep if we’re going to be in the studio tonight. Do you need to crash on my couch?” I asked.

“Ummm…well…sure. It will be a lot easier than walking to my dorm.” He said laying down.

“I’ll go grab you a pillow and a sheet.” I said as I put the glasses in the sink. When I returned to the couch Jared had pretty much already fallen asleep. He looked so cute when he slept. The term angelic came to mind, and I laughed at the juxtaposition between my perfect sculpted angel whose face was perfect and sad, and Jared’s who a bit sloppy but happy.


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