My Twilight Perspective


Before I get into the review, let me provide some information about my relationship with the ‘Twilight’ series:

Most people have heard me tell them about Twilight. It was originally recommended to me by a friend, and I actually credit the book for making me slightly less nuts during the initial courting period between myself and my fiancé. I often say that the lead male character of the book, Edward Cullen, was so beautiful in my head that I was slightly smitten, and as a result did not become the clingy boyfriend I normally become.

To repay the author, I promoted this book to everyone I knew. I have probably bought 10 hardback copies of it as gifts for various people over the past few years. Of course, as the sensation that is ‘Twilight’ grew and grew I knew I had long since repaid whatever debt I owed, and therefore was content simply to call myself a fan.

My fiancé got tired of me talking about how good the books were, and since I had turned him onto such wonderful series like “His Dark Materials” and to a lesser degree “Wicked” he felt he should give the books a chance. He read them, and had almost the polar opposite reaction. Whereas he is certainly willing to admit the books are incredibly engaging and addictive to read, he found the characters awful. I partially blame his love of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ for this, but it was not until I heard an opinion from someone who did not think Edward was unbelievably charming, that I was able to see some of the problems in the book series. Thankfully many problems in the book do not actually appear in the movie, and the series slightly corrected many of the past wrongs in the final installment.

So, I waited till Sunday. I didn’t want to be a Thursday Midnight viewer. Although the idea of being surrounded by thousands of tween girls all claiming allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob sounds incredibly entertaining, I wanted to be an adult and watch the movie with a more critical eye. I went in expecting a mediocre movie, and fully prepared to hate Robert Pattinson as the man who would attempt to portray Edward Cullen.

I left completely surprised, in a good way. This movie went well beyond my expectations, and, shockingly enough, my lovely fiancé also enjoyed the movie. This movie actually made us like the series more.


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