Twilight Movie Review


Please refer to my previous post to learn about where I’m coming from in this review.

As I said:

“This movie went well beyond my expectations, and, shockingly enough, my lovely fiancé also enjoyed the movie. This movie actually made us like the series more.”

The ‘Twilight’ movie is an excellent film. It managed to stay rather true to the book, but the characters were a lot better from a third person perspective. In the book series it is easy to think that Edward is dreamy. Bella thinks so, and she thinks it a lot. In the film, we are not forced to hear the gooey details of everything she feels about Edward. So we get a lot more show and a lot less tell. This actually improves the storyline a great deal, and it is nice to see things that happened from a less biased perspective. There are numerous instances where this happens, but the best example I can think of is a scene early on in the movie.

Edward has now reappeared after string of absences from biology, and Bella and Edward have their first real conversation while they examine slides. In the book you are not able to see the incredible amount of effort Edward has to exert simply to have a short conversation. You also don’t get to hear about how unbelievably frustrated Edward looks when speaking to Bella, because she is the only mind he cannot read. Why do we not hear about this? I assume because a furrowed brow on Edwards face would go unnoticed by a girl who thinks he is the most beautiful man on earth, and tends to get lost in his eyes if she stares into them for more than a few seconds.

The ability to see Edward beyond Bella’s incredibly biased point of view is what made this movie incredible. It also made Robert Pattinson a great Edward. I will be first to admit, when I saw him, he was not my Edward. My Edward is perfect. Pattinson’s Edward is probably a more accurate depiction of who the character Edward truly is. Frustrated, torn, confused, experimental, emotional, etc. Seeing the actor have to seemingly fight to say a simple sentence, instead of being incredibly suave, made him incredibly engaging. You had a sense that any second he could snap, and his teeth would dive into Bella’s neck. This anticipation builds throughout the film in a wonderfully delicious way.

So I think the movie is worth attending simply to se Pattinson’s performance a lone. Thankfully, Kristen Stewart is also a wonderful Isabella (Bella) Swan. I’d say out of the entire cast she does the best job, because she probably had the hardest material to work with. Bella is the narrator of the Twilight series, but she is incredibly annoying. She whines and pines for pages, but she doesn’t reveal a lot about who she is. In Bella’s world her answer would seem to be “Edward’s Girlfriend/Wife” as the answer to who she is. If Edward is not around, Bella ceases to exist. This explains why she goes nuts at the end of the film when Edward threatens to leave her. Kristen Stewart makes Bella less of a completely submissive woman. She shows us Bella as she attempts to find herself. She wants to be like the Cullen’s even before knowing what that is, but she tries to be a normal girl. People notice that Bella is not “normal” her friends notice she has not interest in “girly” things like dress shopping. Her dad comments on her lack of interest in any of the boys, despite their doting and obvious attempts to get her attention. Would she still have been like that if the Cullens had not existed in Forks? Kristen Stewart seems to have tackled this question. We see Bella trying to find herself, and the answer seems to be. Edward was certainly something that helped her find herself, in that way that people find strength in their love, but he was not the only reason Bella didn’t fit in at school. Bella was still trying to figure out how to be a good daughter to her Father. A man she loves, but seemed annoyed at, since he lacked the ability to see her as anything but the girl she was when he and her mother were married. In fact, her desire for her father (Charlie) to get out of the nearly Mrs. Havisham like rut seemed to be one of the main reasons she came to Forks. Bella’s mother doesn’t seem like the type of woman who would have forbid Bella from living in Arizona while she was on the road. (although I think in the book she left so as to not be a 3rd wheel in the house of newlyweds). Anyway, Bella didn’t seem to have friends in Arizona she loved and spoke to often. Bella was a loner well before Edward. The fact we see a more independent, strong, and less sappy Bella was a welcome change!

The rest of the cast is pretty good, but I will just say these brief things:


Carlisle – they need to fix his make-up. It made him seem unattractive. I liked the acting though.

Esme –Was a little short, a little overweight, and a little annoying. I’d have thought she would have been a little darker, a little thinner, and maternal, but not in a “crazy aunt” kind of way.

Alice: They nailed the look, but her voice was a bit strange. She was also BARELY IN IT! Alice is a big favorite of mine, so I was shocked how little she was used.

Jasper: Hands down, Jasper had the closest body to what the book describes. I’m unsure why they felt the need to give him ugly hair. He was fine as an actor, but I certainly didn’t want him to speak more than he did.

Emmett: Perfect Job!!!

Rosalie: Okay so Rosalie’s “gift” is being the most beautiful woman on the planet. So why did we get this girl? My boyfriends comment “It looks like she WAS the most beautiful woman on the planet, but they seemed to have bit her about 6 months too late.” In my opinion, I don’t mind her being curvy, but she wore ill fitting clothes which made her appear fat. I am aware that actress is most likely much more attractive than they made her. Just because Rosalie is a bitch doesn’t mean she can’t be gorgeous. As for her acting, not bad. The audience won’t find out why she is a raving bitch till book 3 or movie 3. It is not her fault that her character seems to be a bit nuts.

High school kids:

They were all wonderful, except the Asian kid. He looked like he wondered off the set of a sitcom as he was completely cartoony compared to the rest of the incredibly real characters.


Renee: Not bad, We didn’t get to read the e-mails from the book, and Renee was seemingly more wild.

Charlie: For a man who said very little, he spoke volumes. This role was very hard to tackle, and the actor was very good.

Quileute Tribe:

Jacob Black: I know I know, I hate to be all book loyalist in this situation, but Jacob doesn’t grow his shaggy mane until the 2nd book. A shorter hair would have helped him look more attractive, and probably happier. When Bella talks about Jacob she refers to him smiling all the time. This Jacob was not really cheery. My main complaint was his hair, but I think he will be an attractive enough guy and a competent enough actor to divide the fans into team Jacob and team Edward

Billy Black: Perfect

Quileute Boys: WHY ARE THE UGLY?! Please change the casting if I’m going to have to see these boys naked/shirtless a lot.



  1. November 24, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    […] have to revise. After reading In and Out of Place, I have to comment on the third person perspective. Maybe I was asking for too much between Stewart […]

  2. Nicki said,

    November 24, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    You are so right about the supporting cast. I was really happy with Jessica, as she exemplified the book character and brought a little more. I didn’t expect Angela to be more soft spoken… And you are spot on about the Quileute boys. I mean, Sam was just “Ug!” What was going on with the make-up in this film? I hope New Moon has a little more cash behind it now that Twilight has done so well.

  3. tabitha said,

    December 30, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    i agree……..almost. jasper dose not have ugly hair!!!!!!! i think jasper is HOT!!! and carisle is atractive. they did’nt need to change ANYTHING!!!!!!! everything was perfect!!

  4. coffee said,

    January 17, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there’s a crazy lot of ticket sales at stake

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