More on the Twilight Movie



So I was reading a few blogs, and many people have commented that there seemed to be a lack of focus on the actual “falling in love” part in the ‘Twilight’ movie. I agree the movie was very understated when it came to this. However, I think it actually made it work much better. If Edward was too emotional then it wouldn’t look believable. I used to think falling in love was very “Rome and Juliet”,”West Side Story”, “Tristan and Isolde”, “Moulin Rouge”, etc. That it was big and wonderful. You were Julie Andrews singing on top of a mountaintop happy all the time.

The truth is, you are happy, but not like Musical Theatre happy. Bella is young, and Edward is not overly experienced in Love with the capital L. So, it makes sense that they act the way they do in the movie. Here are some stuff I said in response to the Nicki’s most recent post on her blog “Dog Ear”

As for the relationship between Edward and Bella. I agree the movie depiction seemed understated as to how, when, or even why Edward seemed to like/love Bella. I assume we were supposed to infer two things:

1. Since he cannot read Bella’s thoughts she is interesting to him. He can’t cheat like he does with everyone else. This allows him to pursue her like he would have before he became a vampire. It also makes him have to act normal, if he could read her mind, he could be smooth, but since he cannot, he actually has reverted to a slightly clumsy pursuer.

2. Bella refuses to see Edward as something monstrous despite knowing what he is. The vampires accept what they are, and from what I can guess Edward is aware how vampires are viewed in the world. After all Edward bemoans the loss of his soul a lot in the books. I assume the fact that Bella likes him, is not scared of him, but knows what he is, makes him question his own thoughts on what/who he is. I think the actor did a good job of bringing this out, but he just didn’t get a lot of dialogue.

The ‘Twilight’ books are often described as “eroticism of abstinence” In it Bella and Edward have a palpable connection and desire for one another, but constantly they are unable to be physically intimate with one another beyond kissing and slight caressing. I was unsure if a film could capture this. Whereas certainly they did do a “Abstinence is great” short film when Edward and Bella did everything two people can do on a bed besides have sex, the film did maintain the tension rather well. You could see their desire to be very close, to “give in to temptation” but they never do. This was done by placing the actors in close proximity, but without actually touching. It is almost maddening to watch at times, and it stirs in the audience the desire to see them be more intimate. In the book, and in the movie, they drag this out as much as possible, to create a more climactic effect during the few instances where Bella and Edward manage to be intimate for even a few seconds.


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