Spells and Statutes

I wish law school books did this

I wish law school books did this

So the reason I’ve not been posting is because I’ve been reading. However, I have mainly been reading law school books, outlines, treatises, etc., and I hate to admit how painfully boring it all can be.

I’ve also been watching and thinking a lot about magic. Not parlor trick magic, but magic of fantasy. I am a total sucker for the fantasy genre, and I have a special place in my heart for any type of magic school. I loved hearing about the magic school in “His Dark Materials” series, as well as the adorable wizarding school of Hogwarts. I love the idea of “magic” being my homework. Spells are probably as hard to learn as deciphering all of the secrets behind the “Marbury v. Madison” decision and how it affected the judiciary’s role in government. The difference of course being, I would much rather be able to make it rain than I would use my constitutional law knowledge.

I was wondering if law school reading could be like magic? A rather old decision of “McCulloch v. Maryland” is a good example. It is old, written by wise sages, and imparts knowledge to the reader about this thing (Doctrine of Implied Powers) which connects to so many things. It would be like being told some secret which allowed you to use some previously unseen force in the air to make flowers grow. In a way, law school books are like magic books in that way. Learning it is hard work, but, if you work at it, you will see the world differently. Before going to law school I would never walk by a spill in a store and think “Wow, that is really dangerous. Not only dangerous to the person, but to the store. If someone slipped and fell in that, there could be a lawsuit, and they would probably have to pay.” I don’t like that I see that kind of stuff, and I thankfully can choose not to see it.

In some ways I feel like I’m becoming a wizard, and despite my poor attempt to convey it, I think I am now more aware of the power of words than I have ever been. Before school words were used to create fantasy be it on page or stage, but now I can use them to help people. I can use words to fight epic battles, and I think that it is really fun. Of course, witches, wizards, and lawyers all get tired if they use to much of their power without resting. So I am about to recharge my batteries before I head out for the last battle of the semester.


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