The scent of bourbon hung in the air as the moonlight filtered down upon us. Connor’s abdomen lightly brushed the small of my back as he breathed slowly in and out. I closed my eyes and tried to match his breathing, as I traced my fingers up and Sean’s back. It was strange to sleep between them, and when their breathing became out of sync I felt that it was my fault. I wrapped my arm over Sean pulling him closer to me so I could attempt to get us all breathing as one. Moments passed with only the whisper of our breath in the air, and despite the quiet of the room my mind was so full of thoughts. I tried to concentrate on Connor’s warm breath on my neck, and the rise and fall of Sean’s chest, but that seemed to only frustrate my attempts to calm things down. It was the idea that my hands were actually resting on Sean’s bare skin, and Connor’s full lips were inches from my neck that gave rise the unbearable erection which seemed like it was going to burst forth from the confines of my boxers.

I slowly retracted my hips away from Sean, trying not stab him with my growing hard-on when I felt Connor’s cock brush against my ass. I stopped, uncomfortably frozen, not wanting to relax for fear I might further excite Connor by sliding back or announce my state of arousal to Sean by returning my hips forward. I stopped breathing, and listened for either of them to make a sound.


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