Additional Review for Resident Evil 5: Vacating Resident Evil


So last week BBE and I beat Resident Evil 5. Now that I have completed the initial playthrough of the game, I think I am more qualified to give a more detailed review. As I said Resident Evil was a series I have never been good at, and I often had a fear of playing due to the fact the game is supposed to scare you.

I’m not sure if it was because BBE was sitting next to me to keep me from getting scared, or if it was just the fact that I have had 4 prior games to get used to the idea of Resident Evil’s personal brand of Zombies. In any event, this game is not too scary to play. It is still scary, but it is scary in a Wes Craven kind of way. Scary enough to get your heart racing, and make you scream. Not scary enough that I was haunted by the images of rotting corpses and surprise zombies eating me.

The games story is pretty much what you’d expect. An entire area (this time in Africa!) has been hit with a virus causing them all to go zombie! You and your partner must work to learn why the spot was hit, and of course bring the perpetrators to justice. The dialogue is okay, and if you bother to read the character profiles the drama feels a bit more earned.

The game is often intense. My favorite example stems from the fact that BBE and I had activated an elevator, and as it made its way to floor we were on we kept our laser sights on the door. We feared some horrible creature popping out and massacring us. It occurred to us that it would be funny if there was something sneaking up behind us, I turned, and low and behold tons of crazy beasties were just about to descend upon us. We screamed, we shot, we won. It was fun. We gave each other high fives, and felt like we were totally as awesome as our zombie killing characters.

The game also has a lot of fun replay value. Although the more you work to unlock, the game becomes more about blowing up zombies in a way you wish you could have initially. This kind of makes ruins the intense feeling of the initial play through, but it is hard to get your heart pumping as hard when you know what is coming.

If your interest is more about the adrenaline style action, they provide you an entire new mode to play with. A mode where surprises are just not going to end, because the enemies do not. It is simply your goal to survive the time. No matter how many heads you explode you are never safe. It is fun, but kind of frustrating. You don’t get the luxury of choosing your arsenal. So it feels like the game is even harder.

I recommend the game as a solid buy. The opportunity to play with friends on-line, play through multiple levels of difficulty, and finally destroy hordes of zombies with infinite ammo loaded into your weapon(s) of choice, makes it a worthy investment.


Scene 3 & Scene 4 – Part 1

ist2_378425-cell-phone-on-tableI have not finished. I feel like Marcia, the mom, needs to talk more.

[Transition to Scene 3 – Music. Jack begins to read the book. Behind him we see a mirror. It is covered with a sheet. Juliet cautiously enters. She is somewhere she should not be. She slowly approaches the mirror. Tears off the sheet. Her reflection is revealed. Juliet collapses in despair. Paul closes the book and the scene dissolves.]

[Transition to Scene 4 – Lucy and Peter are seated at a table. Lucy is texting on her phone, which jingles one way when a message is received, and another when a message is sent. Peter is doing homework]


Peter: If you are texting that much, isn’t the ring kind of pointless?


Lucy: No.


Peter: but you know you have a message because you are already looking at your phone.


Lucy: So?


Peter: So you don’t need it to ring to let you know.


Lucy: So?

[ding] [ding] [ding]

Peter: SO turn it off!


Lucy: Why?


Peter: It is annoying.

[ding] [ding] [ding]

Lucy: is it?

Peter: Who wouldn’t find it annoying?


Lucy: Why do you?

[ding] [ding] [ding]

Peter: Because I can’t concentrate!

Lucy: Statement! I win.

[Lucy plays with her phone and it plays a “triumphant” ring tone]

Peter: You are such a bitch sometimes.

Lucy: Jeez. What’s your problem tonight?


Peter: Nothing.

Lucy: It’s not “Nothing.” You are being more annoying than usual.

Peter: Perhaps it is because you are being bitchier than usual.

Lucy: Stop saying “bitch” like you know how to say it. It doesn’t sound right when you say it.

Peter: [with ridiculous diction] Fuck you.

Lucy: [laughing] You just can’t curse Peter.

Peter: Shut-up.

Lucy: Uhg! Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be screaming how beautiful you are in your little tower?


Peter: I can’t.

Lucy: Why? Did you finally realize your ugly?

Peter: No.

Lucy: Then what’s the problem?

Peter: Why do you want to know?

Lucy: Why won’t you tell me?

Peter: Why should I?

Lucy: Because if you don’t I’ll keep “annoying” you with my phone until you do.

Peter: Statement. I win.

[Peter grabs Lucy’s phone and plays the funeral march. Lucy immediately grabs the phone back.]

Lucy: I wasn’t playing that time.

Peter: Playing what?

Lucy: You know!

Peter: Statement I win.

[Funeral March. Lucy fixes her phone to play the previous tone.]

Lucy: If I beat you, will you tell me?

Peter: What do I get if I beat you?

Lucy: What do you want?

Peter: Your phone.

Lucy: Statement! I win! Now you have to tell!

[Lucy plays her victory music on her phone]

Peter: If I tell you, will you leave me alone.

Lucy: [after thinking about it]…yes.

Peter: Fine. I lost my journal…well I didn’t lose it. I know where I left it, but when I went back to get it, it was gone.

Lucy: So it is lost?

Peter: No…it was stolen.

Lucy: Do you know where it is?

Peter: If I did, I would have it.

Lucy: So it is lost.

Peter: Fine. It is lost most likely because it was stolen.

Lucy: So why don’t you just write on something else?

Peter: I can’t remember where I left off.

Lucy: So write something new.

Peter: I have to finish what I am writing.

Lucy: So you are choosing to….

[Marcia enters carrying take-out. Marcia is Peter and Lucy’s mother. She is in business attire and speaking on a cell phone very loudly. Marcia’s entrance causes the children to immediately stop speaking and pretend to be working. They are ideal students/children.]

Marcia: no…Toby listen to me! You have to file that motion before you leave the office tonight…yes…I don’t care!…Do you want to fight about this?…I thought not…it better be in by midnight. [she hangs up the phone] Children! Mummy’s home. Look what I made tonight!

[Marcia present her take-out as if it is a Thanksgiving turkey.]

Lucy: [joining in the joke] You are the best chef ever.

Peter: I think I’ll take it in my room.

Marcia: No you will not! Do you know what Einstein, Edison, and ______ all had in common?

Lucy & Peter: They all ate dinner with their family every night.

Marcia: That’s right, and when people are adding your name to that list you’ll thank me. I will be the mother of two geniuses.

Peter: You realize the statistics of that are not in your favor.

Lucy: They didn’t work in the favor of ___________ but it still happened.

Marcia: Based on those two statements alone I’d say my odds are looking pretty good. Now Peter what happened in school today?

Peter: Nothing.

Lucy: Liar.

Marcia: What!?

Lucy: Peter lost his journal.

Peter:  Gossip!

Lucy: Just because I am talking about you, doesn’t make it gossip.

Peter: Actually I think it does.

Lucy: You are wrong.

Peter: Prove it.

Lucy: I will.

[Lucy exits]

Marcia: You’re about to lose.

Peter: Depends on how you look at it.

Marcia: What do you mean?

Peter: She left didn’t she?

Marcia: [Beaming] Brilliant. So what happened to your journal.

Peter: Why do people assume I know what happened to it if it is “lost?”

Marcia: Alright. Where was the last place you had it?

Peter: I left it in a class room, and when I went back it was gone.

Marcia: So it was stolen!

[Lucy enters with dictionary]

Lucy: Stolen and Lost are not mutually exclusive Mother.

Marcia: Why do I have the feeling you are repeating yourself?

Peter: She already won that one.

Lucy: I always win.

[picks up phone and plays funeral theme]

Peter: You do?

[Lucy glares at Peter]

Lucy: I am not a gossip. Look it up.

[the door bell rings]

Lucy: [excited] I’ll get it!

Scene 2

I decided to add this.


[Transition to Scene 2 – Peter walks to his desk – A school bell rings –  chatting students shuffling out of the room is heard. Peter watches students leave. The sound dies. Peter looks around to see if he is alone. After he decides it is safe, he reaches into his backpack and pulls out a journal. It is cluttered with tabs and clippings sticking out of it. He opens it, and begins to write feverishly. Slowly music behind to play. A good idea of what kind of music is a track entitled “Dance Part of Valis Castle” Peter’s writing begins to slow down and his pen strokes keep rhythm. Peter hears the music. Samuel waltzes onto the stage with an unseen partner. Samuel laughs at something his partner has said.]

Samuel: [to unseen partner] I swear it’s true! Leo found him in the garden completely naked singing to the birds. Ever since then, he is convinced he is some sort of prince, at least that is what he says.

[Samuel laughs and continues to dance his face alighted to be wherever he is, the music continues, Samuel’s face slowly changes from elated to exasperated. He stops. The music dies. Samuel looks to Peter.]

Peter: Sorry.

Samuel: Well what is next?

Peter: I don’t know.

Samuel: What is the problem?

Peter: I don’t know where this is going.

Samuel: From the looks of it…no where.

Peter: That isn’t helping.

Samuel: Can I help?

Peter: Can you?

Samuel: Well what is the matter? What does she say?

Peter: Who?

Samuel: [gesticulating to his invisible partner] Lady Amalthea!

Peter: Oh. I don’t know. I can’t hear her.

Samuel: Then why am I dancing with her?

Peter: You have to dance with someone. You’re at the ball.

Samuel: Well, why am I here?

Peter: To find out about Leo’s prince.

Samuel: How is being at a ball going to help me do that?

Peter: You’re a gossip. Your social circles is where you get all your information.

Samuel: [insulted] I sir! Am no gossip!

Peter: You are.

Samuel: I am…a conversationalist.

Peter: A gossip.

Samuel: I am a conversationalist, or at least I am supposed to be. Do get on that won’t you.

Peter: I can’t hear her.

Samuel: So make her you.

Peter: It doesn’t work that way.

Samuel: Then you must become her. Let her use your voice since you cannot give her one of her own.

Peter: How do you propose I do that?

Samuel: I suggest you start by dancing.

Peter: With you?

Samuel: Unless she is supposed to be speaking to someone else.

Peter: I can’t dance with you.

Samuel: Why not.

Peter: You are a man.

Samuel: And you are going to be a lady.

Peter: I can’t.

Samuel: You can.

Peter: I don’t want to. It is weird.

Samuel: You have a gossip waltzing with a mute. That is weird.

Peter: So you are a gossip.

Samuel: [extending his hand to Peter] I am, if my dancing partner talks.

Peter: [taking his hand] Then I guess your lady needs my voice.

[Peter and Samuel start to dance. Juliet enters the room and watches them. They are awkward to begin. Peter and Samuel are both attempting to maintain masculine posture. Peter attempts to lead, but Samuel will not budge. Peter tries again. Samuel moves Peter’s hand to his shoulder. Peter moves Samuels hand to the small of his back. They begin to dance. Samuel leads.]

Peter: This is hard to do backward.

Juliet: It is only backwards so long as you are a man.

Peter: Would you like to cut in?

Samuel and Juliet: NO!

Peter: [laughing] I thought not. Help me Juliet.

[Peter and Samuel stop for a moment. Juliet mimes a partner, she is graceful. Peter circles around her observing. Samuel takes exits and returns with two goblets. He drinks one and offers the other to Peter. Peter is too engrossed in Juliet to notice. Samuel stiffens his posture and waits.]

Peter: That! There. How did you do that?

Juliet: [repeating the step] This?

Peter: Yes that. How come you don’t fall?

Juliet: [Frozen in a dip] He supports me.

Peter: Where is his face.

Juliet: [motioning near her face] Here.

Peter: That’s it! Okay. Let’s go.

Samuel: [hands the glasses to Juliet] My Lady?

Peter: [As Amalthea] My Lord.

[Music resumes. It is a louder and fuller sound. The lights change. Peter and Samuel begin to dance. They are exquisite. Peter has become Lady Amalthea. Juliet sips from the goblet and watches.]

Samuel: [With the same intonation as before] I swear it’s true! Leo found him in the garden completely naked singing to the birds. Ever since then, he is convinced he is some sort of prince, at least that is what he says.

Peter: [As Amalthea] You don’t say! And where is Leo keeping this potential royal gem?

Samuel: Oh that’s the best part! He’s given him the entire west wing of [Italian for monster] manor.

[Juliet exits]

Peter: [As Amalthea] The west wing you say?

Samuel: Yes, I believe he said the west. Why?

[Peter turns his back to the door. Jack enters. Jack is dressed for school. He sees Peter but cannot see Samuel. Jack watches from the door in silence.]

Peter: [As Amalthea] It appears the light of this prince has blinded Leo to secrets he once knew.

Samuel: A secret your ladyship is willing to reveal?

Peter: [As Amalthea] How would you like a gander at this prince?

Samuel: [performing the dip] You have my undivided attention.

Peter: [As Amalthea – hushed in a whisper] I have you just as I want.

[Jack drops his books and papers scatter, and the noise destroys the scene. The music stops. The lights change. Samuel’s ability to support Peter/Amalthea is lost. Peter falls to the floor. Samuel is embarrassed to have dropped her. Peter is embarrassed to have been caught. Jack collects his books. Samuel attempts to help Peter/Amalthea up, but he cannot. Mortified he exits. Peter gets up on his own.]

Jack: [while collecting his books] Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Peter: [helping Jack collect the papers.] Uhm…interrupt what?

Jack: Oh…well…I saw you…um…dancing?…and..uh…talking.

Peter: [embarrassed] Oh yeah, I was just um…practicing.

Jack: It was really impressive.

Peter: Heh…I was just messing around..

Jack: How did you do that one thing though?

Peter: What thing?

Jack: That thing where your body was all bent.

Peter: [Handing Jack his papers] Oh…I don’t know.

Jack: Oh…well it was pretty cool.

Peter: Thanks.

[A moment passes]

Peter: Well I better get going.

Jack: Yeah, I’ll see you around.

[Peter and Jack walk towards each other. They move to get out of each other’s way, but end up mirroring each other. This happens 3 times. Finally, they laugh.]

Peter: [motioning for Jack to walk past him in a Samuel-esque manner] You first.

Jack: [with equally feigned dignity] You are too kind.

[They smile and Peter walks out the door. Jack sits at the desk and finds Peter’s journal.]

Jack: [rushing towards the door] You forgot your…

[Jack words are cut off by the loud school bell.]

[Transition to Scene 3]

Another Creative Experiment


So I’ve been seeing/reading/working on a lot of things that are theatrically related. So I thought I would give myself a chance at experimenting with a script. This is what I came up with in about 45 minutes. I’d be interested in opinions.

*About Stage directions –  As an actor, director, and writer, I am not tied to stage directions in any way. Anyone who wishes to perform this work is free to completely ignore the stage directions if they decide to do so. I have tried to write them in a manner that is more suggestive, to allow for more interpretation. This is particularly true of the idea behind “transitions” Some directors think of “blackouts” as the bane of theatrical existence, others think of them as a necessary evil for changes in sets. The setting and set of this show is intended to be as theatre friendly as possible. An example is that the desk in Peter’s room can easily be used in school as well. *

[Prologue – Movement/Music – The piece should be brief but serve as a prologue to the show.]

[Transition into Scene 1]

[This is Home. Peter’s Room. Peter’s Sanctuary. A Bed, A desk, a wooden chair. Books litter the floor. Peter is writing in his journal. He stops. He reads what he has written. He tears the page from the journal. He crumples it lightly and tosses it away. He begins again. He stops, slowly looks over his shoulder and looks longingly at the discarded page. He sighs, and collects the page from where it is fallen. As he smoothes the page out he reads it again. He shakes his head, and decides to try it out loud. During the next segment Peter is reading aloud his story, and he is easily excited. He does voices, He whirls about and “gets into character”]

Peter: [as a Narrator] and so the eyes of the mirror burned, and the face above it spoke [imitating the voice of the mirror] “I have no way to lie! You are what you see, if you do not like your reflection either change it or stop looking.” [return to narrator voice] and Juliet ran from the room. She descended the staircase of the palace, but the words of the mirror had already been spoken. No matter how far she ran she could never outrun their meaning, and so she collapsed and sobbed on the cold marble tile. [as sobbing Juliet] “Never! It is a lie! I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I….am…Beautiful!”

Lucy: [from behind the door] You are ugly, You are ugly, You are U-G-L-Y!

Peter: Shut up!

[Lucy Laughs and enters]

Lucy: What are you doing?

Peter: None of your business.

Lucy: It wouldn’t be my business if you were being quiet, but you aren’t. What are you doing.

Peter: Reading.

Lucy: [rolls eyes] Isn’t reading is generally a silent activity?

Peter: Aren’t you a bit old to be asking?

Lucy: Are you calling me old?

Peter: Is that a problem?

Lucy: Why wouldn’t it be?

Peter: Are you sensitive about your age?

Lucy: What is your definition of sensitive?

Peter: Are you adopting my definition?

Lucy: Are you sure they are not the same?

Peter: Do you think that is likely?

Lucy: I asked you.

Peter: Statement! I win. Get out.

Lucy: Uhg…Mom wants you downstairs in an hour.

Peter: Fine.

Lucy: [exiting] Cheater.

Peter: What?

Lucy: [sticking her head back out, is about to say something, and then figures out he is still playing and leaves]

[Peter laughs to himself, and the closet door opens. Inside it is a woman dressed in something resembling a female heroine from a Grimms Fairytale. The woman is Juliet.]

Juliet: You are quite clever.

Peter: [adoring] You are beautiful.

Juliet: I am whatever you say I am.

Peter: I can barely write what you are.

Juliet: Then perhaps you should make me something else.

Peter: If you were something else, you would not be you.

Juliet: I am whatever you say I am. My form, my fashion, my face, are nothing unless you say what they are.

Peter: I like you this way. You are everything a man should want in a woman.

Juliet: Is this what you want?

Peter: No.

Juliet: Then why not make me what you want?

Peter: I can’t.

Juliet: You can.

Peter: I don’t know how.

Juliet: It’s easy. Think about what you want and make me that, just as you made me now.

Peter: It is more complicated.

Juliet: No it is not. You are being….

Peter: [Turning his back to Juliet] You don’t know! Stop talking or I will make you mute! I can have Captain Rab cut out your tongue!

Juliet: [stifling a scream] You are cruel.

Peter: You make me so.

[Juliet approaches Peter but does not touch him. She then returns to the closet]

A Specific Blog Term


So, I often try to think of this blog as being more about my own life/reflections than about the people who I am connected to. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just impossible for me to write about things without talking about who else was present. Whereas it is easy to refer to most people as “my friends” I personally feel the need to differentiate my fiancé from the rest of the crowd. He is the most important person in my life, and while I think it is important for him to remain as anonymous as possible I am tired of constantly saying “My Fiancé” to describe him. I like to use that term in conversation to describe him initially, but after that I normally refer to him by name. Therefore my fiancé shall henceforth be referred to as “BBE” BBE is my acronym for “Best Boyfriend Ever”. I will continue to do so, unless he reads this and would prefer to be referred to by some other title.

A new kind of Review for an old kind of fun

The teamwork of Resident Evil 5 can mirror the teamwork of a relationship of the players!

The strength of the partnership of the gamers can affect how effective these two partners are in the game

So when I was age 5 I beat Super Mario Brothers on my Nintendo. I was the wunderkind of my Kindergarten class, and relished the opportunity to beat the game when someone said no one my age could do it. I was good at video games, and over the years I dedicated countless hours to becoming a perfect gamer.

However, once I began college, I knew my days as a gamer were limited. I couldn’t possibly study, act, and be a video game guru. Something had to give, and so I decided that my abilities to be a video game god would now have to rest. Oh sure, when Christmas break or summer vacation came by, I would take up the old controllers and make sure my thumb callus was still there. The thumb callus is an important feature of the gamer as it allows you to do annoying repetitive movements without rubbing your thumb raw.

I found that my skills were cemented from childhood, and that without very much difficulty I could still master any game. After college, I occasionally played a game, but not with the same fervor as before.

Since I met my fiancé, videogames were shuffled even further to the back of the list. Instead I learned how to be a better chef, and of course a better boyfriend. My fiance hates complicated games, where you had to hit 4 buttons and move the joystick or d-pad in a complicated series of movements in order to blast your opponent with some cool looking special move. He does, however, like simple games. The Wii is a system full of games for him, and I enjoy picking them up and destroying him with very little practice.

However, my fiancé was good at a game I was not. The series known as “Resident Evil” was one I just sucked at. Mainly because I am easily frightened and the game was the first to establish the genre of thriller style games. So I played Resident Evil when it came out on the original playstation. I marveled at the initial cinema scene with live action people dressed like video game characters. I also laughed at the hilariously bad acting! However, once I beat Resident Evil I was done. The game’s engine was annoying for me, as you had to stop moving to shoot. You were often encouraged/required to run away from chasing zombies because if you killed them all you would run out of ammo.

My fiancé, however, became super boy when it came to Resident Evil 2. He could beat it easily, and I was always shocked at the idea of him being so much better at that style game than me. So when Resident Evil 5 came out for PS3 he wanted to get it. I figured I’d play a bit, but get frustrated and watch him do it alone. BOY WAS I WRONG! Now, he is hesitant to keep playing, and I am BEGGING him to let us play more.

The game is intense, and the system of co-op play is a total treat! I have played the game alone with the computer AI controlling the secondary character “Sheva” but the computer is a poor substitute for myself. My fiancé and I make a great team both in video game land and in real life. A lot of our relationship quirks even seem to manage to manifest themselves in how we play. I’m meticulous, as a former perfect gamer, and want to explore every corner for hidden secrets. He wants to get in and get out, like a true Resident Evil guru. So in the instances where our characters are separated, or worse, I freak out at having to be on my own. I like knowing we have each others back, and the fact that I can talk to him as he sits next to me on the couch makes it really easy to communicate what my needs are. Although co-op mode is split screen when not playing with someone else on-line the comfort and ease of communication is more than worth the sacrifice.

I have not completed the initial play through of Resident Evil 5, but I am glad to say we are almost done! However, I have decided to once again embrace my love of games, and I hope to post some reviews of new and old games up here.


My first track as a ‘recording artist’


I’ll Forget You – Sung by Richard Pearson

So what have I been doing instead of writing erotica or studying? I’ve been recording!!! I have somehow managed to turn my study into a mini recording studio by doing all sorts of strange things to muffle the sound. I tinkered with it a bit, and now I have my first rough track for the public to hear. I would love any feedback!

Just click the picture ot the link!