Another Creative Experiment


So I’ve been seeing/reading/working on a lot of things that are theatrically related. So I thought I would give myself a chance at experimenting with a script. This is what I came up with in about 45 minutes. I’d be interested in opinions.

*About Stage directions –  As an actor, director, and writer, I am not tied to stage directions in any way. Anyone who wishes to perform this work is free to completely ignore the stage directions if they decide to do so. I have tried to write them in a manner that is more suggestive, to allow for more interpretation. This is particularly true of the idea behind “transitions” Some directors think of “blackouts” as the bane of theatrical existence, others think of them as a necessary evil for changes in sets. The setting and set of this show is intended to be as theatre friendly as possible. An example is that the desk in Peter’s room can easily be used in school as well. *

[Prologue – Movement/Music – The piece should be brief but serve as a prologue to the show.]

[Transition into Scene 1]

[This is Home. Peter’s Room. Peter’s Sanctuary. A Bed, A desk, a wooden chair. Books litter the floor. Peter is writing in his journal. He stops. He reads what he has written. He tears the page from the journal. He crumples it lightly and tosses it away. He begins again. He stops, slowly looks over his shoulder and looks longingly at the discarded page. He sighs, and collects the page from where it is fallen. As he smoothes the page out he reads it again. He shakes his head, and decides to try it out loud. During the next segment Peter is reading aloud his story, and he is easily excited. He does voices, He whirls about and “gets into character”]

Peter: [as a Narrator] and so the eyes of the mirror burned, and the face above it spoke [imitating the voice of the mirror] “I have no way to lie! You are what you see, if you do not like your reflection either change it or stop looking.” [return to narrator voice] and Juliet ran from the room. She descended the staircase of the palace, but the words of the mirror had already been spoken. No matter how far she ran she could never outrun their meaning, and so she collapsed and sobbed on the cold marble tile. [as sobbing Juliet] “Never! It is a lie! I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I….am…Beautiful!”

Lucy: [from behind the door] You are ugly, You are ugly, You are U-G-L-Y!

Peter: Shut up!

[Lucy Laughs and enters]

Lucy: What are you doing?

Peter: None of your business.

Lucy: It wouldn’t be my business if you were being quiet, but you aren’t. What are you doing.

Peter: Reading.

Lucy: [rolls eyes] Isn’t reading is generally a silent activity?

Peter: Aren’t you a bit old to be asking?

Lucy: Are you calling me old?

Peter: Is that a problem?

Lucy: Why wouldn’t it be?

Peter: Are you sensitive about your age?

Lucy: What is your definition of sensitive?

Peter: Are you adopting my definition?

Lucy: Are you sure they are not the same?

Peter: Do you think that is likely?

Lucy: I asked you.

Peter: Statement! I win. Get out.

Lucy: Uhg…Mom wants you downstairs in an hour.

Peter: Fine.

Lucy: [exiting] Cheater.

Peter: What?

Lucy: [sticking her head back out, is about to say something, and then figures out he is still playing and leaves]

[Peter laughs to himself, and the closet door opens. Inside it is a woman dressed in something resembling a female heroine from a Grimms Fairytale. The woman is Juliet.]

Juliet: You are quite clever.

Peter: [adoring] You are beautiful.

Juliet: I am whatever you say I am.

Peter: I can barely write what you are.

Juliet: Then perhaps you should make me something else.

Peter: If you were something else, you would not be you.

Juliet: I am whatever you say I am. My form, my fashion, my face, are nothing unless you say what they are.

Peter: I like you this way. You are everything a man should want in a woman.

Juliet: Is this what you want?

Peter: No.

Juliet: Then why not make me what you want?

Peter: I can’t.

Juliet: You can.

Peter: I don’t know how.

Juliet: It’s easy. Think about what you want and make me that, just as you made me now.

Peter: It is more complicated.

Juliet: No it is not. You are being….

Peter: [Turning his back to Juliet] You don’t know! Stop talking or I will make you mute! I can have Captain Rab cut out your tongue!

Juliet: [stifling a scream] You are cruel.

Peter: You make me so.

[Juliet approaches Peter but does not touch him. She then returns to the closet]


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