Scene 2

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[Transition to Scene 2 – Peter walks to his desk – A school bell rings –  chatting students shuffling out of the room is heard. Peter watches students leave. The sound dies. Peter looks around to see if he is alone. After he decides it is safe, he reaches into his backpack and pulls out a journal. It is cluttered with tabs and clippings sticking out of it. He opens it, and begins to write feverishly. Slowly music behind to play. A good idea of what kind of music is a track entitled “Dance Part of Valis Castle” Peter’s writing begins to slow down and his pen strokes keep rhythm. Peter hears the music. Samuel waltzes onto the stage with an unseen partner. Samuel laughs at something his partner has said.]

Samuel: [to unseen partner] I swear it’s true! Leo found him in the garden completely naked singing to the birds. Ever since then, he is convinced he is some sort of prince, at least that is what he says.

[Samuel laughs and continues to dance his face alighted to be wherever he is, the music continues, Samuel’s face slowly changes from elated to exasperated. He stops. The music dies. Samuel looks to Peter.]

Peter: Sorry.

Samuel: Well what is next?

Peter: I don’t know.

Samuel: What is the problem?

Peter: I don’t know where this is going.

Samuel: From the looks of it…no where.

Peter: That isn’t helping.

Samuel: Can I help?

Peter: Can you?

Samuel: Well what is the matter? What does she say?

Peter: Who?

Samuel: [gesticulating to his invisible partner] Lady Amalthea!

Peter: Oh. I don’t know. I can’t hear her.

Samuel: Then why am I dancing with her?

Peter: You have to dance with someone. You’re at the ball.

Samuel: Well, why am I here?

Peter: To find out about Leo’s prince.

Samuel: How is being at a ball going to help me do that?

Peter: You’re a gossip. Your social circles is where you get all your information.

Samuel: [insulted] I sir! Am no gossip!

Peter: You are.

Samuel: I am…a conversationalist.

Peter: A gossip.

Samuel: I am a conversationalist, or at least I am supposed to be. Do get on that won’t you.

Peter: I can’t hear her.

Samuel: So make her you.

Peter: It doesn’t work that way.

Samuel: Then you must become her. Let her use your voice since you cannot give her one of her own.

Peter: How do you propose I do that?

Samuel: I suggest you start by dancing.

Peter: With you?

Samuel: Unless she is supposed to be speaking to someone else.

Peter: I can’t dance with you.

Samuel: Why not.

Peter: You are a man.

Samuel: And you are going to be a lady.

Peter: I can’t.

Samuel: You can.

Peter: I don’t want to. It is weird.

Samuel: You have a gossip waltzing with a mute. That is weird.

Peter: So you are a gossip.

Samuel: [extending his hand to Peter] I am, if my dancing partner talks.

Peter: [taking his hand] Then I guess your lady needs my voice.

[Peter and Samuel start to dance. Juliet enters the room and watches them. They are awkward to begin. Peter and Samuel are both attempting to maintain masculine posture. Peter attempts to lead, but Samuel will not budge. Peter tries again. Samuel moves Peter’s hand to his shoulder. Peter moves Samuels hand to the small of his back. They begin to dance. Samuel leads.]

Peter: This is hard to do backward.

Juliet: It is only backwards so long as you are a man.

Peter: Would you like to cut in?

Samuel and Juliet: NO!

Peter: [laughing] I thought not. Help me Juliet.

[Peter and Samuel stop for a moment. Juliet mimes a partner, she is graceful. Peter circles around her observing. Samuel takes exits and returns with two goblets. He drinks one and offers the other to Peter. Peter is too engrossed in Juliet to notice. Samuel stiffens his posture and waits.]

Peter: That! There. How did you do that?

Juliet: [repeating the step] This?

Peter: Yes that. How come you don’t fall?

Juliet: [Frozen in a dip] He supports me.

Peter: Where is his face.

Juliet: [motioning near her face] Here.

Peter: That’s it! Okay. Let’s go.

Samuel: [hands the glasses to Juliet] My Lady?

Peter: [As Amalthea] My Lord.

[Music resumes. It is a louder and fuller sound. The lights change. Peter and Samuel begin to dance. They are exquisite. Peter has become Lady Amalthea. Juliet sips from the goblet and watches.]

Samuel: [With the same intonation as before] I swear it’s true! Leo found him in the garden completely naked singing to the birds. Ever since then, he is convinced he is some sort of prince, at least that is what he says.

Peter: [As Amalthea] You don’t say! And where is Leo keeping this potential royal gem?

Samuel: Oh that’s the best part! He’s given him the entire west wing of [Italian for monster] manor.

[Juliet exits]

Peter: [As Amalthea] The west wing you say?

Samuel: Yes, I believe he said the west. Why?

[Peter turns his back to the door. Jack enters. Jack is dressed for school. He sees Peter but cannot see Samuel. Jack watches from the door in silence.]

Peter: [As Amalthea] It appears the light of this prince has blinded Leo to secrets he once knew.

Samuel: A secret your ladyship is willing to reveal?

Peter: [As Amalthea] How would you like a gander at this prince?

Samuel: [performing the dip] You have my undivided attention.

Peter: [As Amalthea – hushed in a whisper] I have you just as I want.

[Jack drops his books and papers scatter, and the noise destroys the scene. The music stops. The lights change. Samuel’s ability to support Peter/Amalthea is lost. Peter falls to the floor. Samuel is embarrassed to have dropped her. Peter is embarrassed to have been caught. Jack collects his books. Samuel attempts to help Peter/Amalthea up, but he cannot. Mortified he exits. Peter gets up on his own.]

Jack: [while collecting his books] Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Peter: [helping Jack collect the papers.] Uhm…interrupt what?

Jack: Oh…well…I saw you…um…dancing?…and..uh…talking.

Peter: [embarrassed] Oh yeah, I was just um…practicing.

Jack: It was really impressive.

Peter: Heh…I was just messing around..

Jack: How did you do that one thing though?

Peter: What thing?

Jack: That thing where your body was all bent.

Peter: [Handing Jack his papers] Oh…I don’t know.

Jack: Oh…well it was pretty cool.

Peter: Thanks.

[A moment passes]

Peter: Well I better get going.

Jack: Yeah, I’ll see you around.

[Peter and Jack walk towards each other. They move to get out of each other’s way, but end up mirroring each other. This happens 3 times. Finally, they laugh.]

Peter: [motioning for Jack to walk past him in a Samuel-esque manner] You first.

Jack: [with equally feigned dignity] You are too kind.

[They smile and Peter walks out the door. Jack sits at the desk and finds Peter’s journal.]

Jack: [rushing towards the door] You forgot your…

[Jack words are cut off by the loud school bell.]

[Transition to Scene 3]


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