Scene 3 & Scene 4 – Part 1

ist2_378425-cell-phone-on-tableI have not finished. I feel like Marcia, the mom, needs to talk more.

[Transition to Scene 3 – Music. Jack begins to read the book. Behind him we see a mirror. It is covered with a sheet. Juliet cautiously enters. She is somewhere she should not be. She slowly approaches the mirror. Tears off the sheet. Her reflection is revealed. Juliet collapses in despair. Paul closes the book and the scene dissolves.]

[Transition to Scene 4 – Lucy and Peter are seated at a table. Lucy is texting on her phone, which jingles one way when a message is received, and another when a message is sent. Peter is doing homework]


Peter: If you are texting that much, isn’t the ring kind of pointless?


Lucy: No.


Peter: but you know you have a message because you are already looking at your phone.


Lucy: So?


Peter: So you don’t need it to ring to let you know.


Lucy: So?

[ding] [ding] [ding]

Peter: SO turn it off!


Lucy: Why?


Peter: It is annoying.

[ding] [ding] [ding]

Lucy: is it?

Peter: Who wouldn’t find it annoying?


Lucy: Why do you?

[ding] [ding] [ding]

Peter: Because I can’t concentrate!

Lucy: Statement! I win.

[Lucy plays with her phone and it plays a “triumphant” ring tone]

Peter: You are such a bitch sometimes.

Lucy: Jeez. What’s your problem tonight?


Peter: Nothing.

Lucy: It’s not “Nothing.” You are being more annoying than usual.

Peter: Perhaps it is because you are being bitchier than usual.

Lucy: Stop saying “bitch” like you know how to say it. It doesn’t sound right when you say it.

Peter: [with ridiculous diction] Fuck you.

Lucy: [laughing] You just can’t curse Peter.

Peter: Shut-up.

Lucy: Uhg! Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be screaming how beautiful you are in your little tower?


Peter: I can’t.

Lucy: Why? Did you finally realize your ugly?

Peter: No.

Lucy: Then what’s the problem?

Peter: Why do you want to know?

Lucy: Why won’t you tell me?

Peter: Why should I?

Lucy: Because if you don’t I’ll keep “annoying” you with my phone until you do.

Peter: Statement. I win.

[Peter grabs Lucy’s phone and plays the funeral march. Lucy immediately grabs the phone back.]

Lucy: I wasn’t playing that time.

Peter: Playing what?

Lucy: You know!

Peter: Statement I win.

[Funeral March. Lucy fixes her phone to play the previous tone.]

Lucy: If I beat you, will you tell me?

Peter: What do I get if I beat you?

Lucy: What do you want?

Peter: Your phone.

Lucy: Statement! I win! Now you have to tell!

[Lucy plays her victory music on her phone]

Peter: If I tell you, will you leave me alone.

Lucy: [after thinking about it]…yes.

Peter: Fine. I lost my journal…well I didn’t lose it. I know where I left it, but when I went back to get it, it was gone.

Lucy: So it is lost?

Peter: No…it was stolen.

Lucy: Do you know where it is?

Peter: If I did, I would have it.

Lucy: So it is lost.

Peter: Fine. It is lost most likely because it was stolen.

Lucy: So why don’t you just write on something else?

Peter: I can’t remember where I left off.

Lucy: So write something new.

Peter: I have to finish what I am writing.

Lucy: So you are choosing to….

[Marcia enters carrying take-out. Marcia is Peter and Lucy’s mother. She is in business attire and speaking on a cell phone very loudly. Marcia’s entrance causes the children to immediately stop speaking and pretend to be working. They are ideal students/children.]

Marcia: no…Toby listen to me! You have to file that motion before you leave the office tonight…yes…I don’t care!…Do you want to fight about this?…I thought not…it better be in by midnight. [she hangs up the phone] Children! Mummy’s home. Look what I made tonight!

[Marcia present her take-out as if it is a Thanksgiving turkey.]

Lucy: [joining in the joke] You are the best chef ever.

Peter: I think I’ll take it in my room.

Marcia: No you will not! Do you know what Einstein, Edison, and ______ all had in common?

Lucy & Peter: They all ate dinner with their family every night.

Marcia: That’s right, and when people are adding your name to that list you’ll thank me. I will be the mother of two geniuses.

Peter: You realize the statistics of that are not in your favor.

Lucy: They didn’t work in the favor of ___________ but it still happened.

Marcia: Based on those two statements alone I’d say my odds are looking pretty good. Now Peter what happened in school today?

Peter: Nothing.

Lucy: Liar.

Marcia: What!?

Lucy: Peter lost his journal.

Peter:  Gossip!

Lucy: Just because I am talking about you, doesn’t make it gossip.

Peter: Actually I think it does.

Lucy: You are wrong.

Peter: Prove it.

Lucy: I will.

[Lucy exits]

Marcia: You’re about to lose.

Peter: Depends on how you look at it.

Marcia: What do you mean?

Peter: She left didn’t she?

Marcia: [Beaming] Brilliant. So what happened to your journal.

Peter: Why do people assume I know what happened to it if it is “lost?”

Marcia: Alright. Where was the last place you had it?

Peter: I left it in a class room, and when I went back it was gone.

Marcia: So it was stolen!

[Lucy enters with dictionary]

Lucy: Stolen and Lost are not mutually exclusive Mother.

Marcia: Why do I have the feeling you are repeating yourself?

Peter: She already won that one.

Lucy: I always win.

[picks up phone and plays funeral theme]

Peter: You do?

[Lucy glares at Peter]

Lucy: I am not a gossip. Look it up.

[the door bell rings]

Lucy: [excited] I’ll get it!


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