Additional Review for Resident Evil 5: Vacating Resident Evil


So last week BBE and I beat Resident Evil 5. Now that I have completed the initial playthrough of the game, I think I am more qualified to give a more detailed review. As I said Resident Evil was a series I have never been good at, and I often had a fear of playing due to the fact the game is supposed to scare you.

I’m not sure if it was because BBE was sitting next to me to keep me from getting scared, or if it was just the fact that I have had 4 prior games to get used to the idea of Resident Evil’s personal brand of Zombies. In any event, this game is not too scary to play. It is still scary, but it is scary in a Wes Craven kind of way. Scary enough to get your heart racing, and make you scream. Not scary enough that I was haunted by the images of rotting corpses and surprise zombies eating me.

The games story is pretty much what you’d expect. An entire area (this time in Africa!) has been hit with a virus causing them all to go zombie! You and your partner must work to learn why the spot was hit, and of course bring the perpetrators to justice. The dialogue is okay, and if you bother to read the character profiles the drama feels a bit more earned.

The game is often intense. My favorite example stems from the fact that BBE and I had activated an elevator, and as it made its way to floor we were on we kept our laser sights on the door. We feared some horrible creature popping out and massacring us. It occurred to us that it would be funny if there was something sneaking up behind us, I turned, and low and behold tons of crazy beasties were just about to descend upon us. We screamed, we shot, we won. It was fun. We gave each other high fives, and felt like we were totally as awesome as our zombie killing characters.

The game also has a lot of fun replay value. Although the more you work to unlock, the game becomes more about blowing up zombies in a way you wish you could have initially. This kind of makes ruins the intense feeling of the initial play through, but it is hard to get your heart pumping as hard when you know what is coming.

If your interest is more about the adrenaline style action, they provide you an entire new mode to play with. A mode where surprises are just not going to end, because the enemies do not. It is simply your goal to survive the time. No matter how many heads you explode you are never safe. It is fun, but kind of frustrating. You don’t get the luxury of choosing your arsenal. So it feels like the game is even harder.

I recommend the game as a solid buy. The opportunity to play with friends on-line, play through multiple levels of difficulty, and finally destroy hordes of zombies with infinite ammo loaded into your weapon(s) of choice, makes it a worthy investment.



  1. vjensen said,

    June 3, 2009 at 9:25 am

    I’m relatively certain this is the only place on the Internet to find reviews of restaurants, books, movies, theater, TV shows and … Resident freaking Evil!

    • kyoske said,

      June 4, 2009 at 1:32 am

      You are most likely correct on that one!

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