Perilla – Review

Perilla sign

I took my fiance here for his 27th B-day with a small group of our closest friends. The ambiance of the place is pleasant, and certainly does not impede incredible conversation.

The service at Perilla is the best I’ve had at a restaurant in NYC. If you are going I highly suggest you request “Eric W.” as your waiter. He was not only able to easily answer questions about the menu, but his description of the differences in the dishes helped my friends decide on what dish they would choose when they were torn between two different menu items.

I was shocked that when we arrived at 7:45 p.m. that we stayed till almost 11:00 p.m. However, it was just such a relaxing atmosphere.

The food is delicious, and you should absolutely try “Fiddle Head Fern & Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi” It is the best thing on the menu. If you are turned off by the vegetarian side, they make it as an appetizer as well. We got it as an appetizer, and all of us wished we had chosen it as our meal. That is…until our meals came. The duck deserves the huge amount of praise it gets, as well as the steak. Personally I ordered “Spice Grilled Dorade Royale” and everyone who tasted said it was the best menu item. It was light and lovely.

Perilla is perhaps not the best place for dessert. Their Sorbet was wonderful, but their Tres Leches cake was a little lacking in flavor. I opted out for dessert and had a nice cognac instead. I had never done this before, but it felt right. I highly suggest it.

We finished the evening with coffee, and complimentary small cookies. Which were actually better than the desserts. So I would opt for a dessert cocktail, port, cognac and just have those.

Our waiter wished he had known it was my fiance’s birthday, because he would have done something. I put it in capital letters on my “open table” reservation, and mentioned it to the hostess. So If you want to do something special, I would “go to the restroom” and inform the waiter yourself. Apparently he didn’t find out until he was printing our bill.

I think the best part of Perilla is that although it is slightly more expensive, it is not outrageous. I suggest looking at the menu prior to going, and figuring out if it is in your budget. I was happy the wine list was the same, and I was able to choose a nice wine and do my research ahead of time. Perilla will definitely be a repeat restaurant for me.

Perilla inside


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