Half-Blood Prince recap


Knowing that “The Half-Blood Prince” movie is coming out soon, struck me with one certainty.

All I remember about that book is the ending.

Therefore, I resolved to re-read the book, take my time, and I found the journey as incredible as I did the first time, but this time I won’t be likely to forget it.

Therefore, for people who don’t desire to re-read or simply don’t have the time I present a few facts you might enjoy remembering:


  1. Snape makes “The Unbreakable Vow” to protect Draco and do what he the dark lord has charged him to do, if it appears Draco cannot. He makes this vow to Narcissa, Draco’s mother, and Bellatrix is the one who binds them.
  2. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny hate Fleur who they call Phlegm.
  3. Rufus Scrimgeour is the new prime minister.
  4. Slughorn takes over Potions, and Snape is finally their defense against the dark arts teacher.
  5. Thanks to “The Half-Blood Prince” Harry is given a bottle of Felix Felicis. Who is taken by Harry to get the real memory from Slughorn about what he told Tom Riddle about the Horcruxes, and is taken by the rest of the gang to explain how they survive the end.
  6. Ron is teased for his lack of romantic experience, and snogs Lavender Brown for a better part of the book to compensate for it. Hermione and Ron are on ice for said part.
  7. Katie Bell, a member of the Quidditch team for Gryffindor, is poisoned by a necklace.
  8. Draco is suspected by Harry, but everyone else thinks he is nuts.
  9. Draco is hidden from the Marauder map because he is in the room of requirement.
  10. Draco’s “project” is that he is restoring the broken Vanishing Cabinet.
  11. Moaning Myrtle falls for Draco.
  12. Ron is poisoned and nearly dies.
  13. Hagrid is angry at the gang for not taking his class.
  14. Dumbledore has a singed arm/hand which never heals throughout.
  15. Tom Riddle was also the name of Voldemort’s Father. Marvolo was the maiden name of his mother.
  16. Tom Riddle Senior was a muggle.
  17. Tom’s mother’s name was Merope, and her father tormented her to the point they thought she was a squib, but she was in fact a very powerful witch who created a serious love spell.
  18. Fred and George, despite not actually graduating from Hogwarts, become fabulously wealthy as a result of their joke store. They make most of their money from the defensive gear they sell to the ministry. I.e. Hats with shield charms, because many of the people who work for the ministry and not very good wizards/witches.
  19. Fred and George are actually good at magic, even Hermione says so, as she is impressed at the complexity of the magic used by the merchandise in the joke shop.
  20. Luna is Harry’s date to the Christmas Party for the “Slug Club” which is deliciously awkward because she is strange.
  21. Harry is captain of the Quidditch team.
  22. Hermione and Ron are Prefects.
  23. Hermione uses a spell to secure Ron’s placement as keeper on the Quidditch team.
  24. Madame Rosmerta is important to Draco’s plan.
  25. We learn about Fenrir Greyback who is basically king of the werewolves and a death eater croney.
  26. Lupin lives amongst the werewolves.
  27. Tonks is depressed throughout most of the book. Over Lupin and not Sirius.
  28. Tom never tried to dupe Dumbledore, because of what he revealed to him when they met.
  29. Tom tortured children in a cave, which is the resting place of the locket Dumbledore takes Harry.
  30. The diary of Tom Marvolo Riddle from the 2nd book was a horcrux. Harry destroyed it.
  31. The ring of Tom Marvolo Riddle’s grandfather was another horcrux. Dumbledore destroyed it.
  32. Dumbledore suspects that Voldemort split his soul into 7, because it is a magic number.
    1. 1. The diary
    2. 2. The Ring
    3. 3. The Locket
    4. 4. The Hufflepuff Cup
    5. 5. Something of Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.
    6. 6. Nagini the snake
    7. 7. The one that is inside the body of Voldemort.
  33. Only after the 6 are destroyed, would destroying the body of Voldemort ultimately kill him.
  34. Harry loses to Hufflepuff in Quidditch because he is hit by a member of his own team.
  35. Harry is not responsible for the ultimate Quidditch win, because he is in detention with Snape. However at the party, he and Ginny finally hook up.
  36. Harry got detention because he used a Prince curse on Malfoy, which almost killed Malfoy.
  37. Hermione is right about the “Prince” being a last name, not a regal title.
  38. Snape and Voldemort both have witch mothers and muggle fathers.

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  1. tanglethis said,

    June 28, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    I actually appreciated this, because it’s been awhile. Could have used it when I read the 7th book, actually… there was so much time between them that a lot of the book details were confusing to me at first!

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