Ending scene 6 and most of scene 7


[Peter begins to stand, and then falls]

Jack: Oh, wow, you really hurt yourself.

Peter: Yeah, guess I was rustier than I thought.

Jack: Let me see.

Peter: [Pulling up the leg of his pants] I think I just landed on my knee wrong.

Jack: [touching his leg] It feels like it is already swelling.

Peter: [wincing] Ouch.

[Barbara enters, and sees Jack touching Peter’s leg. From her perspective this probably looks a little more risqué than it is. She is stunned and then speaks.]

Barbara: What are you two boys doing in here?

Jack: [quickly removing his hand] Mom! Oh, Peter and I were doing some of those old Yoga CD’s I found.

Peter: I accidentally fell down.

Barbara: Oh, well Jackson…Jack why don’t you go get some ice for Peter.

Jack: Good thinking Mom.

[Jack exits]

Barbara: I hope you didn’t hurt yourself too bad. I told Jack if he wanted to do that kind of stuff he should have bought the beginner’s guide.

Peter: Well…I think he just was using what you guys already had.

Barbara: Already had? I’ve never seen them before in my life.

Peter: Oh. He said he found them.

[Jack enters with ice pack]

Jack: Here we go.

[Jack moves as if he is going to apply the ice pack, but Barbara holds out her hand as if to let her do it.]

Barbara: [applying the ice pack] There we go. Well maybe you two should just do your homework until dinner. Keep this on there. I don’t want your mother to think my house is a death trap.

Peter: She’s not that kind of lawyer.

Barbara: [laughing] Oh I wasn’t even thinking about that. Be careful with one Jack, I wouldn’t want Mrs. Mason to garnish your allowance.

[Barbara exits.]

Jack: Does it still hurt?

Peter: Yeah, but not as bad. I’m sorry to be so much trouble.

Jack: Don’t worry about it.

Peter: Well I guess we should hit the books. Imagine what your Mom will do if you bring home an A+.

Jack: Yeah, she’ll probably cook for a week. I just hope she doesn’t expect me to get your grades.

Peter: Heh, yeah. I don’t think my Mom would think of my grades as something to cook for.

Jack: I assumed she’d only cook if you made bad grades.

Peter: [laughing] Yeah. It is more of a punishment.

Jack: So…do you have any homework to do?

Peter: Not really. I should probably work on my story some more.

Jack: What’s that for?

Peter: Nothing. Well…Mrs. Bell encouraged me to do it as a side project, but it’s not for a grade or anything. My Mom and I used to make up stories when I was a kid. She got busy with work when she had this big case, so she didn’t have time anymore, but I just kind of kept up the habit.

Jack: Oh.  Have you written a lot of them?

Peter: Well sort of, I mean, nothing is finished. I wouldn’t ever let my mother end a story, because then I knew we wouldn’t write together anymore. So there are a lot of different adventures, but none of them are really done.

Jack: Are you planning on finishing it soon?

Peter: Yeah, after I turned in one of them for Mrs. Bell for a writing assignment, she said that I should think about turning it into a book. Apparently she knew a kid who got to go to whatever college he wanted because he wrote a best seller before he was 18. I told my Mom, and now she wants me to try and finish it by the end of the year.

Jack: How much more do you have?

Peter: Not sure, but that reminds me. Where did you get that yoga cd?

Jack: Oh…I found it.

Peter: Yeah, but where? Your mom said it wasn’t hers.

Jack: She did? Oh…well yeah. I found it in town. It was in the old used bookstore.

Peter: Oh? Does it say who the woman talking is?

[Jack grabs the cd case and book]

Jack: Umm….I don’t think it does. Why?

Peter: She sounds really familiar. Like a voice I hear when one of my characters talk.

Jack: Maybe she was on some of your other yoga stuff.

Peter: Yeah…maybe.

Barbara: [off stage] Boys! It’s time for dinner.

[Peter and Jack stand up. Peter falters for a bit, and Jack catches him. They are in a similar tableau as the dip in scene 2]

Jack: Are you alright?

Peter: Oh…umm…yeah. I think I can make it now.

[Jack let’s Peter go, and then puts Peter’s arm over his shoulders and helps him exit.]

[transition to scene 7 – Peter re-enters the stage. He is no longer injured. The set transforms back into Peter’s room. Peter sits at the desk, and begins to write. The lights change. The young man, from transition scene 5 enters, he is no longer naked. He wears a long billowy night shirt. He stands with his arms crossed looking out at the audience for a moment. His face is serene, but sad. He is waiting for someone. A male singing voice is heard in the distance.]

{The two sing ‘La Ci Darem La Mano’} together

[The voice gets closer and closer. A masked man enters. The young man rushes towards him, but falters. The masked man rushes to him, and catches him just like Jack and Peter.]

Masked man: [with dramatic concern] Are you alright my prince?

Young Man: I am. Now that you have come.

[The young man rips off the mask, revealing a man who resembles Jack, and kisses him passionately. From the shadows emerges Juliet. The lovers do not notice her. While Juliet and Peter discuss, the two lovers dance together.]

Juliet: That is not Lady Sylvia.

Peter: No it is not.

Juliet: Who is he?

Peter: Someone new.

Juliet: What about Sylvia?

Peter: I don’t know what to do with her.

Juliet: Well, I hope you know what you are doing with him.

[Juliet leaves. The lovers stop dancing and lay down with each other. Curled in each other’s arms. A knock is heard. The lights change, and Peter gets up from his desk.]

Peter: Come in!

[Jack comes in with an overnight bag]

Jack: Hey! What’s up?

Peter: Not much. Just working on my story. Did your mom say you could stay?

Jack: Yeah, but she wants me home by noon tomorrow. Apparently the lawn doesn’t mow itself.

Peter: Heh. Yeah. Too bad there is nothing in the photosynthesis chapter to help you out there.

Jack: I know. You’d think someone would have invented that by now.

Peter: So, my Mom will be serving up Indian tonight. I hope that’s okay.

Jack: Haha, I think your mom must be trying to have me taste every country on earth.

Peter: That’s what you get for not knowing how to use chop sticks. You are her new project. Apparently we’re not supposed to be so blasé about her ordering skills, and act more like you.

Jack: Heh, we seem to have the same problem. Apparently I don’t compliment my Mom’s cooking enough.

Peter: I can’t believe that! Your Mom could open a restaurant.

Jack: And your mom could order.

[Jack and Peter both laugh]

Peter: So what do you want to do?

Jack: Not homework! I can’t think about homework on Fridays.

Peter: Yeah, I think even 4.0 kids take tonight off. Do you want to watch a movie or something?

Jack: Actually, I was wondering if we could write a story together. I liked what you wrote before.

Peter: What do you mean?

Jack: In your journal. This one. Remember I returned it to you.

[Jack picks up the journal]

Peter:  Did you read it?

Jack: I read a page or two, but I didn’t know what it was, and I wasn’t sure if I should.

Peter: [darkly] What did you read?

Jack:[flipping through the pages of the journal] Something about a girl and a mirror.

Peter: Oh yeah…that part.

Jack: Hey! Did you name a character after me?

Peter:[rushing to get the book away from Jack] No!..I mean yeah I guess so, but don’t read that! It’s not…it’s not….it’s not finished!

[Jack holds the book away from Peter, and Peter strains to get the book out of Jack’s hands. Jack, clearly in control, fends Peter off, and the two begin to struggle. The storybook lovers begin to roll around in a similar fashion. Mainly they storybook lovers are disrobing the fairytale Jackson. Finally Peter and Jack find themselves tangled into each other.]

Peter: [straining to pry the book from Jack’s hands] Let go.

Jack: [smiling] Make me.

Peter: That’s what I’m trying to do.

Jack: I bet I can get you to let go.

Peter: I doubt it.

[Jack jerks on the journal sending Peter crashing into Jack. Jack takes his free hand to grip the back of Peter’s head and force his face to Jack. Jack kisses Peter hard and forceful. The storybook lovers both make a sound of ecstasy and lock themselves together. Peter stops holding onto the book, and starts to kiss Jack back. Jack’s kiss softens, and then suddenly pulls away. The lovers fall away from each other. The Prince looks down, and fairytale Jackson looks at the Prince.]

Jack:[holding the book] Told you so.

Peter: Yeah…well…we…just…you…you cheated!

Jack: All is fair in love and war right?

Peter: Yeah well with tactics like that. I’d have to wonder which one you were referring to.

Jack: [laughing] What’s that your sister always says? Maybe they aren’t “Mutually Exclusive”

Peter: What?

[Jack approaches Peter and hands him the journal. The prince meets fairytale Jackson’s eyes.]

Jack: Sorry. I won’t read it until you’re ready.

Peter: Oh…um…thanks.

Jack: Are you okay?

Peter: Am I okay? Am I okay? I…I…don’t know.

[Peter begins to sway a little.]

Jack: [laying a hand on his shoulder to steady him] Peter? Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…um…here sit down on the bed.

[Jack helps Peter sit on the bed. Fairytale Jackson lays the Prince down on his side, and props himself up on his elbows keeping watch over the Prince.]

Peter: Why did you do that?

Jack: Cause I knew you would let go if I did.

Peter: Oh. No one has ever kissed me before.

Jack: Oh…really?

Peter: Yes.

Jack: Why?

Peter: What?

Jack: I mean…why not?

Peter: I don’t know.

Jack: Sorry if it was weird.

Peter: Yeah. Okay.


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