End of Scene 7 and incidentally end of Act I


Jack: [laying a hand on his shoulder to steady him] Peter? Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…oh god…here sit down on the bed.

[Jack helps Peter sit on the bed. Fairytale Jackson lays Prince down on his side, and props himself up on his elbows keeping watch over Prince.]

Peter:[catatonic] Why did you do that?

Jack: Cause I knew you would let go if I did.

Peter: Oh.

[a moment of silence]

Peter: No one has ever kissed me before.

Jack: Oh…really?

Peter: Yes.

Jack: Why?

Peter: What?

Jack: I mean…why not?

Peter: I don’t know.

Jack: It’s no big deal. I’m sorry.

Peter: I’m…I’m…not.

Jack: What?

Peter: I’m not sorry you kissed me.

Jack: What?

Peter: I can’t explain… it’s like…like…this. [Peter has flipped to a part of his journal without looking at the pages. He hands it to Jack.] I want you…you…

Jack: You want me?

Peter: [quickly] I want you to read it.

[While Jack reads aloud from the book “The Meditation” from “Thais” begins to play. The lights dim on Jack and Peter and become brighter on Jackson and Prince. Prince and Peter speak lines together. Jackson and Jack speaks their own lines together.]

Jack: [reading aloud from the book] The prince stared into Jackson’s eyes, he was afraid, but of what he knew not. Was it the fear that Jackson had revived a part of his heart he had long thought dead? Or was it fear that Jackson would leave again, once again breaking his heart. Could he stand it? Jackson’s warm breath on his neck made him shiver, despite the fact he was not cold. His entire body shook, and Jackson only pulled him tighter. This was it, the embrace he had always wanted, this was what was missing when he courted Sylvia. The prince turned slowly to face Jackson, and cupped his hand to his face.

Peter & Prince: No one has ever kissed me before.

Jack & Jackson: I’m sorry.

Peter & Prince: For what?

Jack & Jackson: I couldn’t help it. You are amazing.

Peter & Prince: Can we do it again?

Jack & Jackson: You’re sure?

Peter and Prince: I’ve never been more certain.

[The lights return on Jack and Peter. Both scenes are animated. Jackson and Prince begin to tenderly kiss each other. The music stops.]

Jack:  When did you write this?

Peter: Today.

Jack: When I kissed you…I…didn’t mean to…

Peter: It’s fine…I just didn’t expect it to…happen.

Jack: I’m sorry.

Peter: I wish you weren’t.

Jack: I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner.

Peter: Do what?

[Jack kisses Peter and they fall onto the bed. The music returns, louder, at the swell of the piece, roughly 2:15 into the piece, The second Jack and Peter kiss, Jackson and Prince again sigh in ecstasy and their kissing and caressing becomes increasingly passionate.]

Jack & Jackson: I feel like we’ve wasted so much time.

Peter & Prince: You were worth waiting for.

[The couples kiss tenderly, and the music continues. The sound of a door being unlocked is played. Marcia and Lucy enter Peter’s room. Marcia is carrying a tray. At the same time Samuel and Juliet enter Prince and Jackson’s room. Juliet is carrying a tray. Samuel and Lucy simultaneously gasp. Marcia and Juliet both drop trays. The lovers look, they are caught, the lights go black.]

End of Act I


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