Great Expectations

So school has started back, and the performance for Bye Bye Birdie is fast approaching. Part of me is glad to see it coming, but I know I will miss hanging out with the cast once it is over. I’ve enjoyed participating in the show, but I won’t lie and say I’m not a bit worried.

The show is…hit and miss. Some moments are amazing, whereas others not so much. I hope the audience will remember that these are not a group of seasoned actors, although there certainly are some amongst us, and so their expectations should be low.
There are some things I know I could work on. I need to work on my physicality more. Albert probably wouldn’t swish as much as I do. I have managed to remove a lot of my personal habits, and give Albert ones I would never do, such as balling his fists.

I just hope BBE’s mother, my future in-law, will think I have some talent.

Here is the write-up they did on me:



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