Job Situation


So as a 3rd year law student I am always on the lookout for a good job. Unfortunately the economy is not really in a good place for new lawyers to get those jobs that they thought they would get when they matriculated. I find myself particularly prickly about this topic, and generally despise having to justify the fact I don’t have a job already lined up to people.

My current woes about future employment caused me to pay particular attention to an episode of “Glee” which aired a few weeks ago. I was already a big fan since it guest starred one my favorite people of all time, Kristin Chenoweth, but I was struck by how perfectly the song “Maybe This Time” from “Cabaret” applied to my current situation. I feel like this song of hope despite the downtrodden circumstances is a good example of exactly how I feel when I go on an interview or submit my resume to a job posting. I’d encourage you to view the following clip, the quality is better if you watch the episode on hulu. Think about this song being sung by someone about to interview for a job. It is a bizarre fit in my brain.


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