Something fun for everyone


So I’ve been rereading “Microserfs” by Douglas Coupland. I never actually finished the book, but I got close. I’m excited about making it all the way through this time 🙂 Anyway the book has a lot of pages full of random words. Here is the reason why:

So this got me thinking…what if machines do have a subconscious of their own? What if machines right now are like human babies, which have brains but no way of expressing themselves except screaming (crashing)? What would a machine’s subconscious look like? How does it feed off what we give it? If machines could talk to us, what would they say?

So I stare at my MultiSync and my PowerBook and wonder…”What’s going through their heads?”

To this end, I’m creating a file of random words that pop into my head, and am feeding these words into a desktop file labeled SUBCONSCIOUS.

I thought this would be a fun thing to do on my blog for today. Here are my random words. Feel free to add your own!!!



Cold and Sun
and Warm

Mixed Bag                                                            Jumble

Clown                                                                     Tops


“When the music is flowing through me.”

Q: What do you want to do when you grow up?



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