Carrie Fisher’s one woman show Wishful Drinking – a review

So my attempt to review Hamlet briefly was not a success, but I am hoping to do better this time.

A few nights ago I had the great pleasure of seeing Carrie Fisher’s one woman show: “Wishful Drinking” and if you have a chance to see it….DO IT! The phrase of “If you have the chance to….” followed by “DO IT!” is one that is repeated often in Carrie Fisher’s show, and each time it gets a laugh. Carrie Fisher chooses highlights from her book of the same title, and takes the audiences on a wonderfully entertaining trip through her life. Who has not wanted to know why Princess Leia ended up the way she did? Well…I wouldn’t say that Carrie Fisher gives us every reason, but she certainly gives us plenty of them! She tells the audience about her complicated family tree, which requires a chart to keep straight, and of the numerous trials and tribulation that arose from having such famous parents. She then walks us through her difficult marriages, and the darkness that fueled her need to numb herself through drugs and alcohol. What? That doesn’t sound funny? Well….I guess it doesn’t, and yet she manages to make her 2 hour show a total laugh riot. She covers a range of other topics, and devotes a pretty substantial amount of time to “Star Wars.” Unfortunately the topic of Star Wars is not as transparent as I would have liked, but I was happy to learn more about Carrie Fisher.

Perhaps the most exciting and gutsy thing Carrie Fisher does in her performance is take live questions. Remember that time that Carrie Fisher’s gay political friend ended up dead in her bed? Ever wanted to ask her a question about it? Well if you go to her show, you get the chance you’ve been waiting for. She actually raises the house lights, and asks for people to ask her questions. Our questions were:

  1. Why was he in your bed

Answer: Apparently she had multiple guests that evening, and limited sleeping space. Her choices came down to bunking with either a gay male friend or a gay female friend. Not being gay herself, she thought that sleeping with her gay male friend was the more intelligent decision. She of course hopes not to repeat the same mistake should she have to make that choice again

2. What was he wearing?

Answer: Honestly I forgot what she said. I think she gave a ludicrous answer to point out that it was a stupid question, and then told us he was wearing boxers and a t-shirt or something.

3. Where lightsabers involved?

Answer: This one Fisher handled like a pro. She simply said no, and then asked the questioner if she was some type of euphemism expert.

Fisher then proceeded to cover a few additional questions that had been asked such as “Did you kill him” (the answer is “No.” obviously) and what led to his death (apparently he was a gay republican lobbyist who used oxycotton to escape some of his issues in reconciling his occupation and sexual orientation.)

Carrie Fisher also sings in the show, and I was shocked how good she was. I had no idea she ever sang with her mother, Debbie Reynolds, as a teenager. The only time I ever heard Carrie Fisher sing was in that terrifying Star Wars Christmas Special.

Carrie Fisher also is willing to sign your program, but don’t bring your favorite Star Wars memorabilia, if you wait for by the stage door. She seems as genuinely nice in person, as her show would have you believe. If you’ve got the spare cash flow, I highly recommend you see her show before it closes. If you can’t do that…I hear the book is a pretty good substitute.


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