A Weight Lifted

So today I got my final grades. I passed, well I did better than passed, I got good grades. I didn’t worry too much about not passing, but it was in the back of my head. After all, wasn’t I slacking off by job hunting? Did I really pay as much attention as I should have? Questions like this haunted me. Thankfully, I am not no longer plagued by those questions, and so I am free to devote my energies to studying for the BAR.

I don’t really enjoy using this blog to just ruminate about my own persona life, rather I like to observe things in a more general way. However, I think it is good to document this feeling. I feel like I have been given a reprieve from a great weight.  It is temporary for now, as I must now hold the burden of studying/preparing for the BAR, but this certainly seems to fuel me with the strength I will most certainly need to do well on that exam.


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