In it to win it

So over the past few days I’ve managed to make some pretty good progress on my novel. I’m currently sitting at around 55,000 words, and I feel like the sweet spot I am aiming for (around 85,000) is finally within reach. Doing the math, and understanding that I am only shooting for a complete first draft, I figure in 30 days I will be able to complete this thing.  I tend to write more during the week, as I write while BBE is continuing his best boyfriend routine and earning a living while I job hunt. I’ve started applying for jobs in the morning, breaking, and then giving myself creative permission. Part of me has started to believe that there is something in the cosmos, that is holding back that dream job, till I get this novel finished.

In many ways, my life has imitated my art, having a dream snatched from under me. I found this to be paralyzing, but now that I’ve managed to work through that to some degree, I’m wondering if I need to be able to capture it on the page, before the cure (also known as a full-time job) is presented to me.

I really got a lot out of posting my tiny piece yesterday, and thanks especially to Katherine for her response. I have found once I hit 1600+ words, the writing I do takes a big nose dive in productivity. Fortunately, my brain seems to be able to keep track of where i was, and what i was thinking, when I sit down the next day, but I fear that I’ll hit a wall again soon. Therefore, I’m hoping that, by blogging it out after I’ve hit my word count for the day, I will be able to keep up my momentum.

Today I wrote 1,700 words in my novel.


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  1. taureanw said,

    October 4, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Finding that writing routine is incredibly important & something I am still struggling with. Keep it up.

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