The Return to the Stage

Not an actual photo of me

So, I’ve been writing a book about the life of the theatre, but I haven’t been in a show in a year. Whereas much of the work is utter fiction, it has been informed by my 20 years of stage experience. However, lately, the story has seemed to be less and less authoritative, as I get closer to the end. Still I was really hesitant to do another show.

I am unemployed, and for that reason, I consider writing selfish. BBE (well I guess now that we are married he is BHE) is working hard to support us, and I’m working hard on balancing an aggressive job hunt and finishing my novel. So the idea of doing a show has felt like it was more than I could handle. Especially since doing a show for free costs a lot of money for me. However, I also felt that doing it, might help me out in a lot of ways. It would give me a schedule, physical activity, and inspiration. It was also hard for me to acknowledge that 2011 would be the first year in 18 years that I had not performed on stage. So, when I saw a posting for a theatrical company looking for male actors, I decided I would audition. The phrase that caught my attention the most was

“We are always looking to form lasting relationships with our collaborators, and hope to find actors that interested in the same.”

While this kind of language can be found in many theatre companies, I was drawn to this statement for this ad. If they needed male actors, and were serious about this desire, I might find a place in NYC, that thinks of me once in a while for a show. As I turned 30 this year, it is undeniable that I am aging out of the roles I know how to play well. Many roles are now open to me, but it will require people to take a chance on me. That’s what every actor requires, but in the business, you know what have to understand what your own limitations are. Even if I did everything perfectly in an audition, there are some characters it would be laughable for me to play. While this is hard to face, I don’t really take it personally. I don’t do theatre to be THE STAR. I do it to tell a story, and the story is going to be told better, if the audience doesn’t have to suspend their disbelief unnecessarily.

I was particularly excited because it is a new work. My book involves people putting on a new show, which I have less experience with. I am hoping this will help fill in some details. In many ways this is research, but also something personally fulfilling. Since getting married, I’ve been lazy about exercise. Now that I am in a show, I am hoping I will be inspired to work out some more.

I hope doing this show is the right choice.

For those of whom would like to know more about the show itself, you can learn all about it by clicking the image below.


1 Comment

  1. Katherine said,

    October 25, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    You’re always the star in my book! And I’m sorry, but I already have the BHE.

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