Crossed out

So this is a screenshot of my writing today. You might notice that all of it is crossed out. This is not uncommon for me on Fridays. I decided to try and combat this usual slump, but varying my day up a little. I slept in, hoping this would help, but I am pretty sure it was a bad decision. I just didn’t hit my zone. I basically kept very little that I did today, but I am telling myself that is fine. I got a lot done this week, and I think I am just tired of writing right now. The next segment is the set-up to the climax, wherein a problem i have been waiting to introduce is finally unearthed. While this is exciting, it is also exhausting. I know tomorrow I will not write at all, but in a way, that is a good thing. Tomorrow is full of Halloween themed events, and I am certain they will inspire me. My novel’s climax is slated to actually occur tomorrow, so I look forward to experiencing the day and night in every way possible. In addition, I get to revive my Halloween costume from last year, and be Sweeney Todd again.

I do wonder why it is Friday is just bad for me as a writer. I don’t have a weekend to look forward to in the same way as everyone else. I mean yes, it means more time with BHE, and it means I get to talk to people more. I guess I suffer from burn out from working on it all week, but this week, I was kind of burned out a lot.

I’ve noticed one trend in my writing. I’m trying to write to avoid editing later. This means I am working very hard on polished prose, which is really a writing recipe for delay. I have tried to convince myself “not to care” but that is what got me through much of this draft. Now, I feel like I need to care, to make sure the ending is really sound. Hopefully, this weekend will loosen me up a bit.


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