New Deadline?

So if this were a movie or a book, my character, me, would find some magic way of writing through the night to finish his book and make his 11.11.11 deadline. I don’t see that happening (I’m not ruling it out) so I’ve decided that what I need to do is be realistic. Now in the next week a lot of things happen. Rehearsals are getting serious, and I’m going to be expected to memorize things, I’m going to be tired from going to late night rehearsals, I’ve got a few social engagements on the calendar, I’ll be purchasing and reading the final book in the Inheritance Cylce, and most notable on a “time suck” basis SKYRIM (the latest installment of Elder Scrolls series) comes out on 11.11.11 (This is why I wanted to be done before that) So how can I set a reasonable deadline from here. Currently my thought is…get it done before I leave for Thanksgiving. Of course, I would rather it be done before that.

IF i make 11/23/11 my new deadline, the odds of me finishing are good. But I am not certain I will finish early, like say next week. I feel like I need to do something to give myself an incentive to finish. I think 11/23/2011 is my goal, but I will force myself not to play SKYRIM until I have written a minimum of 1000 words that day. If I do that, then I am allowed to play it some. That’s my thoughts on the matter at the moment.

I am happy to report my total word count is roughly 73,000 words at the moment. The document shows over 75K but there are a lot of notes to myself, so I’m assuming 73K is more accurate. I’m excited to finish!



So my deadline of 11.11.11 is probably not going to pan out.  While I thought the reason for this was going to be that I am now rehearsing a show, the real answer is, I’ve been blessed with some money earning part-time work. This comes at a time when I really needed the work, and so it is no real surprise to me that I am willing to push my deadline back. I am sad that this means a kink in my plan, but I think it just means I will have to work harder on the editing process. I think it is certainly still possible for me to have this book in shape for agents by February.  Of course, if I happen to be struck with inspiration on two of the next 4 days….who knows. Thankfully this is just a bump in the road, and for once, I am not freaking out about it. Having these types of distractions, is a lot better than the ones I’ve been competing with lately. These ones are welcome, they pay, and they were not made by me 🙂

An Amazing Day for Word Count

So yesterday I wrote 3,988 words in my novel. This is an absolutely new record for me. It just kind of poured out of me, and I was so excited. I wish I could have hit 4,000, but I just couldn’t finish the last sentence. I wrote it today, but I think that was about it. Yesterday was amazing, but I definitely had nothing left in me today to really write. I am, instead, going to read some more. I have noticed that the more I read the easier it is for me to write. While this is hardly new advice for writers, sometimes I worry my work will be too heavily influenced by things I write. Yesterday, for example, I wrote a line that was so “Twilight” that I had to delete it.  Thankfully, I recognized it, and revised it, to be more in tune with my own story.

I wish this post said more, but it is mainly a nice reminder for myself. That writing can be fun and easy. Since I am wrapping up the book, it has been a much more difficult process. Endings are hard, even when you have them basically planned out. Only a few more days till me 11.11.11 deadline, so lets hope I can crank out the last few thousand words soon 🙂

Word boost

Today was a great day for me. Probably because last week and this weekend basically resulted in little to no progress. However, today I wrote 2000 words! This is an all time high for me. It was basically 3/4 of a chapter or so, and it was a hard one to write. I know I am not out of the forest yet, as the next chapter is also going to be difficult to write, but after that I think I may be headed for the home stretch. I really only have one detail in my head I can’t figure out how exactly it is going to play out. This is of course a CRUCIAL thing I need to figure out, but fortunately I still have some time to ruminate on it. Like so many things that have happened in the past two months, I feel the answer will present itself to my characters, and also to me.

What I do have is a big sense of accomplishment, which is nice, as it is something I haven’t felt in the past few days. So I’m going to revel in this small victory, and continue thinking on tomorrow.

I think one thing that inspired me was that I joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as an incentive to keep pushing myself. While I have maybe 15,000-20,000 words to go, most people have 50K. Today was the first day, and so I wanted to put a big number up there to start. Hopefully knowing my word count matters even more will be an incentive and not something that paralyzes me.