An Amazing Day for Word Count

So yesterday I wrote 3,988 words in my novel. This is an absolutely new record for me. It just kind of poured out of me, and I was so excited. I wish I could have hit 4,000, but I just couldn’t finish the last sentence. I wrote it today, but I think that was about it. Yesterday was amazing, but I definitely had nothing left in me today to really write. I am, instead, going to read some more. I have noticed that the more I read the easier it is for me to write. While this is hardly new advice for writers, sometimes I worry my work will be too heavily influenced by things I write. Yesterday, for example, I wrote a line that was so “Twilight” that I had to delete it.  Thankfully, I recognized it, and revised it, to be more in tune with my own story.

I wish this post said more, but it is mainly a nice reminder for myself. That writing can be fun and easy. Since I am wrapping up the book, it has been a much more difficult process. Endings are hard, even when you have them basically planned out. Only a few more days till me 11.11.11 deadline, so lets hope I can crank out the last few thousand words soon 🙂


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