Baby Steps

Jogging by the Hudson in Hoboken

So today I changed up my routine, that I decided had not been working out for me. Instead of working out/jogging/walking/doing something physical in the afternoon, after writing/editing/job hunting, I did it in the morning. It was hard to convince myself to do this, as it is cold outside, but I managed it, and the results were good today. I edited a full chapter. A small chapter, but a full chapter NONETHELESS.

During the writing process, baby steps felt big. If I got a chapter done, or really, anything done, I felt I was amazing. After all, I was weaving a story. But editing, is about turning that woven thread and making it a full blown tapestry. Making each moment depicted, eye catching. For some reason, even though it is equally hard, it feels like I should be able to do it faster. After all, I tend to edit other people pretty fast. But then, it is easier for me to say “this doesn’t work” or “people don’t talk like that, what about….” than it is for me to not only point those things out to myself (which is harder for some reason) but also fix them.

So why did I write this? Well…I applauded baby steps during the writing phase. I want to applaud what I did today as well. I not only worked out, but I actually got work done!  So go me!

Current word count: 91,968


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