Multitasking overload

So lately, I have fallen behind. I’ve got 2 readers who have finished chapters 1-4, but I’ve been so busy revising chapter 1, that I keep forgetting to work on chapters 5 & 6. I want to get chapter 1 set. Beginnings are important, so I am really focused on making it as perfect as possible. Also because that first chapter is the sample chapter on my website. So I’m struggling. Especially since I’ve been juggling the whole job hunt as well. On that front, several new positions that I am actually qualified to do have been posted in the past three days. I applied for them today, and I hope they will actually work out.

I continue to spend too much time on Twitter (a new problem for me) and I tell myself that I am doing research on the publishing industry. I’m not sure that is entirely true, but I do feel like I understand what book agents do nowadays. Still, observing them is only informative if I actually finish my manuscript. Which is what I should be working on more than I am. Let’s hope the rest of the week is easier in terms of keeping my focus.


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