Finding Hope in the Pages

So I have been editing more. My last few posts have been sad, because I’ve felt that way. I found myself reviewing my own work, trying to forget about editing what is to come, and instead reviewing on what I’ve already worked on. I found this useful, because I found that I actually enjoyed reading it. I talked to a friend yesterday, and got to talking about my woes. She pointed out to me that while it is amazing to have beta-readers, none of them are particularly interested in LGBT literature. I agreed, and she and I were both quick to point out that it is still unclear if that is the “genre” of my book. I used to worry I was writing something only for gay readers, but once I let that worry go, I was free to just tell the story I wanted to tell. Upon reading what I have most recently revised, I can now see that I’ve really crafted my manuscript to tell that story. I could feel the strange kid/adult in me from college, actually get excited about the book, because it was the story he always wanted to read.

So I found hope within my own pages, and while I’m not fully out of the funk, I’m definitely feeling better. I’m confident now that my main character is someone that people will relate to. Especially people like me.

Word Count: 91,892


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