So this week, I’ve not been super productive on the book front. I’m still in the middle of editing chapter 12. Part of this is because I got some legal work, which is great. I really would ADORE a paycheck right now, as it is something I’ve not had in quite some time. Therefore, I can’t really complain. Especially since I’ve been really incredibly fortunate up until now, to have so much time to edit my book.  Since I am new to editing, I’m slow at it, and that is part of the reason it is not done. That is something I’ve had difficulty accepting. I mean technically I have had months to do this. Why couldn’t I just edit a chapter a day, or something like that? While I am certain I  could have done this, I’m also equally certain the product would be weaker as a result. Still…part of me thinks….I could at least be querying agents, who would read it, and probably get me a real editor, who would make this process easier and faster.

If my only goal was simply to get the thing done…that might have worked. However, I think my book is actually pretty good, and as such, it deserves the best shot I can give it, in order for it to become published. This makes me frustrated, because it is hard to go several days without looking at my manuscript, but after doing legal work all day (which is basically nothing but writing and editing) it is hard to do work on my manuscript. Especially since I don’t stop doing my legal work until I can’t do it anymore.

I realize I’ve basically said this over and over on this blog, but sometimes just writing about it is helpful.

Word Count: 92,548


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