Walking it Off

So in school I really hated the phrase “walk it off.” Mainly it was just something Coach’s said, and it was never something I liked, because the advice seemed insane. Taking a walk, alone, after just being brutally tortured is bad advice. However, walking to clear your head, an just get your body into some movement? Well…in addition to being good for your physical well being (I have done a lot of sitting since Saturday afternoon) it also helps in other ways.

As I said in my last post, I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now. All of it is good, but it certainly makes it harder to get work done. So…even though I’m certainly more tired at the end of the day now, I also need to find the energy to get some writing/editing done. This is especially daunting for me lately,because my day job basically involves writing and editing, but instead of fiction, it’s legal work. Now in comparison, even my rough fiction is more interesting that the best legal brief, but editing still uses the same part of my brain that has been working all day. So I needed to give my brain a break, and I’ve found walking works. So while “walking it off” isn’t good advice to a traumatized gay kid in high school, it might be good for that kid when he grows up to be a lawyer/writer.


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