With each morning comes a new chance

I think one thing about being a writer, or really a human, is that you begin to understand there is a special time of day that really speaks to you. For me it is not late at night, nor is it the early morning. It is blissful hour of 10:00 a.m. at That time, I’ve had my morning caffeine, I’ve read what happened while I was asleep, and I’ve generally had my brain working. At 10, something really magical happens, and I normally find myself working until 2 pm. Then I wonder why I’m starting to be crabby and slow down. The answer? I worked through lunch. I usually refuel, but that momentary break, seems to do something to me, and I can never quite get back in the zone.

I think knowing your body and knowing when you are likely to be in the best mood/zone to write/work is important. For me, I try and make 10:00 a.m. a priority. I make sure nothing is going to get in my way, and it is easy for me to do that, because well…I’ve got all morning to do it.

I was really touched that so many people commented on my last post, so I wanted to talk about something that people could weigh in on. I also figured loyal readers might want something where I don’t complain.

So anyone got some thoughts? Are there any night workers? I just have to ask…how do you do it?


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