Roller Coaster Editing

Well…my picture is of another hot guy reading which means….I FINISHED EDITING ANOTHER CHAPTER.

That’s the short part of the post, but I am really surprised that I’m announcing that, because today’s editing was not super easy. In fact, today was the first day in my editing that I actually cut and rewrote something entirely. Most of my cuts have been snips of things that were not necessary, but today I cut several pages because the content was simply bad. In my desire to avoid any mention of coming out in my book, I had attempted to craft an origin story that didn’t focus on it. Instead it focused on the idea that kids often get into theatre to find their voice. This is about as cliche as coming out stories tend to be, so in my paranoia of getting around all these cliches I was left with something that made me thing of a deflated flan. It’s tasted fine, but it wasn’t attractive, and it just left you wanting something (almost anything) else.

So I decided to just sit down, and see where my character’s brain was. It led me to a tale that wasn’t exactly cliche free, but with some work, I managed to give it a few twists and tell it in a way I’ve never seen in a book. Technically it has some “coming out” aspect to it, but I think it is about more than that. It’s about finding a voice.
I’ll be interested especially in what the Beta Readers think of this chapter.


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