And on the 7th day….he edited

Keeping with my theme, I decided I needed more that one hot guy reading to top this post off, because I finished not one, but TWO full chapters of editing. I did this on Easter Sunday, which is probably a sin or something, because it was work, but I feel incredible. I was worried especially because my 2nd chapter had the following note at the top of it:

[Author note: October 5, 2011 – I wrote this, and I like a lot of it. That said, if this needs to be cut and redone, know that this is okay. Read your blog entry on this day.]

What I was pleased to see, is that I had already gone back and cut sections of it. What was left was in pretty good shape, and I could see that it had a point, though I will certainly have questions for my Beta’s about it. What I liked about editing today, was that it felt like it wasn’t that bad. I mean sure I spent time on parts of it, and I made a lot of revisions, but it wasn’t exhausting. I didn’t have to completely rewrite more than a few sentences. I did have to murder a few darlings, some of which I was sad to lose, but it wasn’t hard to do, because the story was engaging and interesting. It felt like I was reading a book I like, and a few times I almost forgot I was editing something I wrote. It felt a lot more polished than I was expecting, and I just hope that this is a theme that will continue until I get to the ending. I’m aware the last five or six pages are going to need work, but I think if I acknowledge this often, it won’t make me want to die when I get there. Hopefully it will be like what I’ve been experiencing over the past few days. I can see where my writing really went to a completely different level, and things that are written after that point, are much easier to fix. Even the things that the notes I left for myself, seem to tell me are going to need A LOT of work.

Word Count: 91, 287 (I deleted a lot of stuff, plus some notes to myself)


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