Over Another Hurdle

Another cutey reading a book, means I’m not on done with editing chapter 19 (I didn’t remember to post for finishing chapter 18).

So yay me. That’s the celebration, but I want to write about the issues I had with chapter 19, as it is an issue many people probably have in editing.

Chapter 19 involves the thing that really get to the climax of the book. The big turning point. So it needs to work really well, and what I originally wrote wasn’t up to my standards. This is actually a rarity, as most of my editing/revising is about filling in and enhancing what was already there, not changing it. Yet, things had to change, because during my initial drafting, I  hadn’t realized just how strong my main character had become. Therefore, I needed to really amp up the story, to make it believable that he could still be hurt.

This meant really delving into some evil. Finding really terrible things to say, especially between two characters I have grown to love, is hard. While it was easier this time, than when I wrote the big climactic moment, I am worried that I will also have to make that even more harsh. In addition to be unpleasant for personal reasons, I am starting to worry/wonder if my book might be slipping outside of reality. I’m hoping the fact that the book is about actors, will allow the reader to cut me some slack. Theatre people (like me) are dramatic.


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