Sending it out there

So as of a few minutes ago, some lucky betas (or maybe horribly unlucky) just received my fully edited/revised manuscript in their inbox. I gave them a very small time frame (2 weeks) to read it. Now I did also say, that I wouldn’t care if they didn’t finish it in 2 weeks. Rather, in 2 weeks I could catch up with him, ask where they were, and if they had not finished, asked what the hold up was.

This is kind of an insane thing to do, but I feel people respond well to deadlines, and my goal is have written a book that is engaging enough that people will not want to put it down.

For me, the next few weeks are going to be about waiting, which is something that I am terrible at. However, I am going to try and calm myself about it by doing the following things:

  1. Work on query letters
  2. Work out more
  3. Resume job hunting with insane vigor
  4. Finish loose ends legal projects I’ve got going
  5. Reading  books represented by agents I want to represent me

What is going to be the hardest thing? NOT WORKING ON THE NOVEL.

Honestly, I need some time away from it, because when I look at it, I can barely read the actual words in front of me. I read the words in my head (this is a problem everyone has, but for people like me who memorize well, I think it is especially bad). So if you really want me to read something of yours, now might be the time to ask.


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