As someone who is waiting, I feel equal parts relaxed (having nothing super pressing to attend to) and anxious (because I want whatever is coming to arrive). Both emotions strike me as incredibly vane. I try to remind myself that, it’s not all about me. When I’m writing, that feels easier. After all, I can’t show people the thing I’m working on. It’s not yet ready for readers. Now that it is in decent enough shape (at least in my opinion) it is harder to keep my own vanity in check. It’s hard not to ask my betas if they’ve opened the document or not. I keep thinking they haven’t, because certainly, if they had, they’d have stayed awake all night reading.


For those of my betas who have opened it, I’m sure they are thinking the opposite. I’m sure they are slogging through, uncertain why it took me this long to write what I sent them.

What I hope is something in between these two extremes is actually happening.

I’m going to go take a walk, and remember that there are other people in the world!


1 Comment

  1. JKBradley said,

    April 27, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Like Christmas eve, or the night before a colonoscopy, or both.

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